Apex legends end of year sale adds new legendary skins for Wattson and loba


Respawn Entertainment announced an Apex Legends End of Year Sale and included legendary skins for Wattson and Loba in the promotion.

Apex Legends players recently launched ‘Operation Fresh New Different‘ amid Season 15 complaints. Players argued new skins and items do not count as new content, and the campaign serves as a call to action for the developers to make more significant changes.

Adding insult to injury, popular Apex Legends streamer Brandon ‘aceu’ Winn roasted an ugly Wraith Prestige skin, and players slammed the value of “greedy” Collection Event bundles.

Approval ratings for new cosmetic items appear to be at a low in Apex Legends. Fortunately for players complaining about prices or the look of recent skins, Respawn offers limited-time discount bundles and two new Legendary Skins.

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Loba Heirloom Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Loba’s Heirloom arrived with the Beast of Prey Collection Event.

When is Apex Legends End of Year Sale?

Apex Legends’ End of Year Sale runs from December 27 to January 10.

What is Apex Legends End of Year Sale?

Respawn stated that the sale includes limited-time discounts on bundles, new Legendary skins for Wattson “Kawaii Kitty” and Loba “Hell Bent” as well as Wraith’s returning Legendary Skin “Rift Stalker”.

It’s important to note that the development team mentioned that the deal is not available in all regions.

The Apex Legends developers also did not specify if new deals would appear during the event.

Wraith’s Rift Stalker skin first appeared in May as part of Season 13, becoming a fan favorite for fans of the character. For those that missed out, the skin returns as part of the End of Year Sale.

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Neither Loba or Wattson are within the top 10 most selected heroes in Apex Legends, so fans of both characters will be pleased to receive some much-needed attention in the form of legendary skins.

Make sure to take advantage of the deal while you still can.