Apex Legends players slam “greedy” Collection Event bundles: “Awful value”

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Apex Legends players have slammed the “greedy” Christmas-themed skins in the store that are locked behind bundles.

Apex Legends’ Wintertide Collection Event arrived on December 6 and introduced the Winter Express LTM, the mythic Wraith Prestige skin, and a set of fresh badges to unlock.

Despite these exciting features, the main attraction for the majority of the community was the new and returning winter-themed cosmetics that hit the store in the update.

A lot of these OG and older skins are only available for a limited time over Christmas, so players are desperate to get their hands on them while they can.

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Unfortunately, all of these non-Collection Event skins are locked behind bundles that the community has slammed as “awful value” and “greedy”.

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The Wintertide Collection Event kicked off on December 6.

Apex players callout Respawn for “greedy” skin bundles

Apex Legends players have taken to the subreddit to complain about the non-Collection Event skins that are locked behind bundles, forcing them to spend over £20 for a cosmetic.

According to them, “no one wants to pay” for packs as they’re “awful value”, so pushing players to spend more by locking Christmas skins behind bundles proves “Respawn will never learn their lesson”.

It’s clear players want the option to purchase a single skin on its own without any extra packs that push up the price. Labeling the store practices as “greedy”, it’s obvious the community is losing patience.

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Not only that, it frustrates players that a lot of these non-Collection Event skins locked in bundles are just “lazy” recolors that come back every single year.

As expected, not everyone agrees with the criticism, with some users arguing that the “game is free… I won’t pay $25 for these but I’ll never understand the outrage about this stuff.”

Either way, this debate seems to crop up with every in-game event and will likely continue until Respawn comment on the issue or change their store model.

However, with cosmetics being so popular and sought-after, that seems extremely unlikely.