Apex Legends players launch ‘Operation Fresh New Different’ amid Season 15 complaints

Apex Legends' Catalyst in Eclipse trailerRespawn

Apex Legends players have launched ‘Operation Fresh New Differentto formalize demands for meaningful updates and new content, as criticism of Respawn and EA grows.

Apex Legends is rapidly approaching its sixteenth season of post-launch content, with Season 15, Eclipse, set to be the longest season for a while.

However, it has become the first season in memory to receive sustained criticism from the player-base, with the upcoming Wintertide Collection Event coming in for specific reproach.

In short, players feel that a lot of content has been rehashed and reskinned, rather than being new and original.

On December 3, one Apex Legends fan took to the game’s subreddit to launch their Operation Fresh New Different, claiming “it’s time Respawn and EA listened”.

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The player, username ‘NizzyDeniro‘, centered their campaign around regular meta changes, better servers, rotating LTMs and new modes.

They said: “Skins, cosmetics etc are NOT content… Operation Fresh New Different is a call for action for the Apex Legends community to raise awareness to Respawn and EA… We as a community love Apex, but through the years the game has become predictable, stale and an unexciting experience.”

The user finished: “We want a fresh meta for characters and guns, new modes and LTMs and different context experiences… This is a peaceful movement, not a means to harass Respawn or EA.”

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At the time of writing, the post has garnered over 2,000 upvotes in just six hours, suggesting there is a lot of support for the initiative.

Some, though, did compare it to the ‘SaveTF2’ movement, which was fairly ineffectual at bringing about meaningful change.

Only time will tell if there’s a future to the player’s Operation.