Aceu roasts “ugly” Wraith Prestige skin in Apex Legends after spending $160 on it

Aceu Wraith Prestige skinRespawn Entertainment/Aceu

Popular Apex Legends streamer Brandon ‘aceu’ Winn has roasted the “ugly” mythic Wraith Prestige skin after spending over $160 to unlock it.

Apex Legends’ Wintertide Collection Event kicked off on December 6 as Respawn added the Winter Express LTM, countless incredible cosmetics, and a set of new badge challenges for players to unlock.

Despite these exciting new features, it’s the new Apex Voidshifter Wraith Prestige skin that’s getting most of the attention.

The mythic cosmetic can be transformed into 3 different tiers that completely change its appearance, and it even comes with a unique finisher.

However, not everyone is impressed with how the skin looks in-game, with aceu roasting the “ugly” Prestige cosmetic after dropping $160 to unlock it.

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Wraith Prestige skin Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
The Wraith Prestige skin arrived with the Wintertide Collection Event.

Aceu hates Wraith’s “ugly” Prestige skin in Apex Legends

During his December 6 stream, aceu decided to spend $160 on event packs to unlock Apex’s Voidshifter Wraith.

After obtaining the mythic cosmetic, he wasn’t particularly impressed with the tier 1 version of the skin, asking his chat whether he “has to use this, unironically?”

While queueing up for a match in the lobby screen, he couldn’t help but laugh at how “goofy” Wraith looked and it was obvious he wasn’t looking forward to using the cosmetic.

Describing the tier 1 option as “ugly”, we can only hope tier 2 and tier 3 impress aceu a little more once he completes the challenges to unlock them.

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Either way, while aceu isn’t overly impressed with Respawn’s design for the Prestige skin, the majority of the community seems to love the new mythic cosmetic.

However, as with every Collection Event, the ongoing debate over whether the devs charge too much for Heirlooms is a topic being discussed by players.