Wattson’s ultimate still broken in Apex Legends despite buffs

Wattson hiding from Caustic in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Wattson received major improvements to her kit in Apex Legends’ Season 11 update, but it seems that the previous problem with her ult not blocking projectiles is back after the buffs. 

On Nov 2, TSM’s Apex Legends squad of Imperial Hal, Snipedown, and Reps took to the Firing Range to test out the new Wattson changes that arrived with Season 11.

While in the session, Reps activated Wattson’s ultimate to see if it was properly blocking projectiles as the Escape patch notes claimed.

After throwing a number of grenades to test the zapper’s new area of effect, the group moved on to experimenting with Caustic’s abilities and how they interact with the improved Pylon.

Wattson ultimate is still bugged in Apex Legends

Wattson stands in front of her ultimate and shushes the camera in Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Wattson’s pylon is supposed to zap projectiles out of the air but the feature has seen a lot of problems in the last few seasons.

The first issue came when Snipedown threw a gas grenade that went unblocked by Wattson’s Pylon. The grenade was slightly overthrown though, and on a second test, he landed one perfectly against the ultimate only to find that it still didn’t get zapped.

The three pros were immediately disappointed with the results, and Hal believes that the changes to the anti-ordinance mechanics are not working as intended: “That’s got to be a bug, no way it’s not bugged. It used to stop it.”

Shortly afterward, Snipedown attempted to throw a Caustic barrel in front of the trap only for it to be ignored as well. Stunned by yet another issue, he moved closer to the Pylon before placing a second barrel directly on top of it.

After seeing that proximity didn’t change the outcome, the trio instantly gave up on the idea of adding the Static Defender to their rotation of legends.

Hal was particularly crestfallen, making a grim prediction about the character’s future: “No one is going to play Wattson until they fix this.”

Respawn has made good on its promise to get Season 11 off the ground without any server issues, but how they respond to other in-game problems like this remains to be seen.