Apex Legends devs respond to “full-auto” Sentinel exploit

Calum Patterson
Sentinel in Apex Legends

An exploit that makes the Sentinel sniper rifle shoot rapidly in Apex Legends has caught the attention of the developers, who are working on a fix right away.

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Update: As of October 9, Respawn has removed the Sentinel entirely from Apex Legends while working on a fix for the game-breaking exploit. For more information, read on below on what the exploit entailed. In the meantime, enjoy not being shredded by a bugged gun as devs solve this issue.

The Sentinel, added in Season 4, is a high-damage bolt action sniper, which will deal out 70 damage to the body, and 140 to the head.

To balance out this high-damage, the fire rate is reduced through the action or rechambering each round with the bolt. However, this exploit completely cuts out this bolt-action, allowing the rifle to be shot again instantly.

Obviously, this makes this gun incredibly overpowered, allowing players to deal out heaps of damage before they even have to reload at all. Thankfully, developers Respawn are on the case.

Sentinel ‘full-auto’ exploit in Apex Legends

Although some players are dubbing this the ‘full-auto Sentinel’ bug, it’s more accurately ‘semi-auto’. But regardless of what it’s called, the weapon can fire out another shot instantly.

We’re not going to share how to do the exploit – to save it from becoming anymore widespread – but all you need to know is that it’s incredibly easy to do and requires no special equipment or cheats.

You can see an example of it in action here, thanks to u/wingedkeyboard on Reddit.

Shortly after this clip started to climb the front page of Reddit, developer David Bocek confirmed that this wasn’t an intentional buff to the Sentinel, and that they are working on a fix.

Sentinel fix in Apex Legends comment

This is just another bug to add to the list of issues that have cropped up since the Aftermarket Event update. Another major problem at the moment is a visual glitch impacting Pathfinder every time he uses his grapple.

And speaking of Pathfinder’s grapple, players have found that his new ‘buff’ is actually more of a nerf, as the cooldown is more often than not longer than it was before.

We might be able to expect a small patch soon to iron out some of these niggling issues from the last update, but Respawn haven’t confirmed a date or time yet.

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