Apex Legends dev responds to accusation of removing paid cosmetics in Season 15

Caustic in Apex LegendsRespawn

Apex Legends’ producer has responded, after players complained about the removal of a previously paid-for cosmetic items, set to be re-released as Twitch rewards in Season 15. The developer has said that it is simply a bug.

Apex Legends’ cosmetic items have become increasingly popular among the player base since its 2019 release, with fans clamoring for items of all rarities, from weapon charms and skins all the way through the elusive and sought-after heirlooms.

There has been some controversy over the price of in-game cosmetics but Respawn have consistently defended them, arguing of the need to pay artists for their work and ensure they remain valuable.

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However, a new controversy has arisen in Season 15, with Respawn now accused of removing paid cosmetics from players’ accounts before setting them for re-release as Twitch drop rewards.

Respawn accused of re-releasing paid Apex skins for free

Leaks, shared on November 18 by reputable data miner HYPERMYST, revealed the cosmetics that will feature in Season 15’s Twitch drop rewards; given to players who have tuned into Apex Legends streams with affiliated creators.

They will include the ‘Iced Out’ charm, ‘Cult Classic’ Devotion weapon skin, ‘Tribal Glyph’ RE45 weapon skin, ‘Giggle Guard’ charm and ‘Packaged’ charm.

However, fans quickly realized that some of the included cosmetics, such as the Tribal Glyph and Cult Classic weapon skins, have been previously released as paid items. Both were previously sold in the Apex Store for 500 Apex Coins, roughly $5 / £4 each.

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To make matters worse, some players who previously purchased the items reported that they had been removed from their Apex accounts when Season 15 began.

One player claimed: “I bought Iced Out in Season 11 and it was removed from my account on launch this season. Now i know why lmao.”

Another said: “I never used that Devotion skin but I had it, I was curious and just checked to see if it was still there and it’s gone.”

Respawn confirms it is a bug

To calm things, a producer at Respawn, Josh Medina confirmed that the removal of these items from players’ inventories is in fact a bug.

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It is likely that the items were accidentally removed when Respawn also attempted to add them as Twitch drop rewards. However, it will still remain a point of contention that previously paid-for cosmetics are now set to be released for free, with those who already bought them surely feeling short-changed.