Apex Legends dev praises “great idea” from player to instantly improve gameplay

Catalyst healing in Apex Legends next to LobaRespawn

A Respawn developer instantly praised an idea proposed by one Apex Legends player, designed to improve the experience of solo players in the battle royale. 

The Apex Legends community is one of the most active and vibrant in the video game world. Fans can regularly be found sharing their epic cosplays and coming up with constructive content ideas to improve the game. 

While Respawn will (obviously) not implement any random idea, they have pledged time and time again to listen to and incorporate community feedback. 

Apex Legends teammate health bar gets dev seal of approval

In a recent Reddit post, one player proposed a great way of improving the HUD to let them know more about their teammates’ activity.

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Specifically, the player proposed a system whereby solo queuing players are informed of their squadron’s healing by a progress bar. 

This would display in the bottom left by the player’s name and give a visible, moving indication of a squad mate’s healing. 

The idea itself was lauded by many players, who pointed out how useful it would be for those solo queuing and unable to communicate with teammates who might be in parties.

It also piqued the interest of a developer. Respawn Engineer Chris Winder responded, describing it as a “great idea” and thanking the OP for the suggestion. 

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It’s certainly a long way off implementation, but it’s fair to assume that we could see something similar given how well-received the idea was. 

Season 16 is already promising big things when it drops in mid-February, including a major overhaul to Legend classes and abilities.

With a little bit of good fortune, we could see the Redditor’s idea in-game soon after.