Apex Legends dev confirms huge Loba buff for bracelet coming in Season 9

Apex Legends lobaRespawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that a huge buff to Loba’s Tactical is being playtested and will arrive in Season 9, finally fixing the issues with her bracelet, plus some big buffs to it.

Since the release of Loba all the way back in Season 5, she’s remained an incredibly popular Legend within the community. Her ability to gear up a squad and set them up for skirmishes can be extremely powerful in the early game.

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Despite this, there’s been one frustrating issue with the High Society Thief’s kit since she joined the Apex Games, and that’s her Tactical. Not only is her movement impaired while the bracelet is in the air, but the Tactical frequently returns to her and rejects the selected location.

This can result in Loba players dying in situations where they should have been able to escape. Well, during a discussion about the Legacy Gameplay trailer, a Respawn developer confirmed Loba would be receiving a huge buff in Season 9.

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Apex BraceletRespawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Legacy goes live on May 4.

Respawn dev confirms buff is coming to Loba’s Tactical

Following the release of the Apex Legends Legacy Gameplay trailer, Respawn developers took some time to answer player questions on the game’s subreddit.

Of course, the community took the opportunity to ask about changes to their favorite Legends, with one player questioning Respawn’s decision to nerf Loba’s Ultimate from 90 to 120 seconds. They also pointed out the glaring issues with her Tactical that remains a point of frustration for players.

The developer’s response confirmed some exciting news for Loba mains to look forward to in Season 9

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“We’re not just fixing it… we’re also buffing it: full movement speed while it’s in the air, no slow down when you arrive.”

Respawn dev commentRespawn Entertainment
Respawn dev responds to a player on Reddit.

This is huge news for Loba mains who have been calling out for a fix to the Tactical for a number of Seasons. The buffs will also give her more survivability when disengaging fights make her kit more satisfying to use overall.

Although an extra 30 seconds is being added to her Ultimate cooldown, the fixes to her Tactical certainly outweigh this nerf.

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Season 9 is set to bring a range of buffs and nerfs to various legends, consider checking out our dedicated hub so you know what changes to expect.