Apex Legends dev confirms Horizon nerf was accidental – but will come soon

Joe Craven
Horizon in Apex LegendsRespawn

Apex Legends devs have confirmed that Horizon’s stealth nerf – which became clear following the Spellbound Collection Event – was “inadvertent”, but will be added to the battle royale in the near future.

Apex Legends fans have been less than enamored with the Spellbound Collection Event. It dropped on January 10, giving way to major server issues and a subsequent lack of communication from Respawn.

A major bone of contention also revolved around Horizon. The Season 7 legend, whom many have argued is currently too strong, received a secret and hefty nerf. 

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When using her Gravity Lift Tactical Ability, players discovered the accuracy of her firing was greatly reduced

Discussion subsequently centered on why it was omitted from patch notes, with some suggesting it was released in error. Now, Respawn have confirmed that was the case. 

Respawn confirm Horizon nerf was released accidentally

In a tweet late on January 13, the devs said: “A quick note to our Apex Legends dearies before you launch into the weekend. Accuracy while shooting from Horizon’s Gravity Lift was inadvertently affected with the 15.1 update. We’ve just rolled out a fix to correct this.” 

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In short, Horizon’s accuracy while using her Tactical should now be back to normal. 

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The comments were supplemented by Josh Medina, Senior Producer at Respawn. 

He confirmed that the nerf was released accidentally but that it will be re-released in the near future. Specifically, we can expect it after upcoming ALGS events.

While he did not name specific competitions, ALGS Split 1 Playoffs will take place in London in early February. 

He said: “Sometimes things escape that aren’t fully ready for prime time especially with ALGS coming up”.

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With a hefty nerf for Horizon confirmed to be in the works, mains of the Gravitational Manipulator better enjoy her strong Tactical while they can.

Medina did not confirm exactly when the nerf will drop, but Season 16 seems likely, currently chalked to launch on February 14. 

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