Apex Legends server issues continue following January 10 update

Revenant Apex Legends Season 15Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are reporting outages and server problems following the game’s January 10 update.

The days of Apex Legends having serious server issues after updates appeared to be long gone after the developers committed to executing clean season launches back in Season 11, but old problems have crept back in after the Spellbound Collection Event update went live.

According to third-party tracking site ApexLegendsStatus, servers are experiencing serious problems and the developers have confirmed that they’ve seen the reports that some users are experiencing interruptions and connectivity issues.

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Apex Legends servers still struggling after January 10 update

In reference to the ongoing problems, Respawn Entertainment noted that they are actively investigating the problem and will update fans again when a solution has been found.

“We’re aware some players are having issues connecting to the [Apex Legends] servers right now when in/returning to the lobby,” they said. “We’re working on a fix and will reply to this tweet with updates as we have them. Thanks for your patience while we sort this out.”

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The region that’s worst off at the time of writing is EU East but several other areas have reached been given the “slow” designation at different times.

While some players are complaining about not being able to connect to the servers at all, the primary issue has to deal with returning to the lobby after each game is complete or a Legend’s squad has been wiped.

Multiple people have confirmed that exiting a lobby requires a full closure of the game and “gambling” on being able to reconnect.

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One player from the Apex Legends subreddit noted exactly what’s happening on their end: “It says connecting to the servers any time I try to leave (once I die/squad dies) then I have to wait around 20 seconds just to see this.”

Another commenter explained that they were able to load into a game after a 15-minute queue before being disconnected just as the first ring closed and that they experienced some trouble getting back in as well.

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It’s been over a day since Respawn acknowledged the server issues, and most servers currently are having no issues. However, there have still been ongoing interruptions with no further updates from the Apex Legends developer.

The problem is still ongoing at this time, but we’ll update this page once a fix has been pushed live.

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