Hundreds of high ranked Apex Legends players just got banned for cheating

Crypto inside Map Room in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

Some of the highest-ranked players in Apex Legends have now been banned, falling victim to a ban wave that’s caught out almost 1000 cheaters and hackers in the last few weeks. 

Just like every other multiplayer game, Apex Legends has dealt with its fair share of problems with cheaters.

In earlier seasons, cheaters and their hacks were much more prominent and would ruin pretty much every other game for top-ranked players. Over time, Respawn Entertainment have cracked down on cheaters.

While it might be impossible to get rid of cheaters entirely, the developers have tried to clean up the highest level of ranked games, and some of the top-ranked players have now been banned in a brand-new ban wave from Respawn’s security lead Conor Ford, aka RSPN_Hideouts.

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Caustic using Caustic Gas in Apex Legends artwork

Hundreds of Apex Legends ranked players caught in new ban wave

On March 16,  the Respawn security lead revealed that he’d swung the banhammer yet again, taking aim at players who had been cheating in Ranked games and climbed right to the very top – hitting the Apex Predator rank.

“700+ accounts used for cheating in ranked (Gold-Pred) have been permanently banned since last Thursday,” Ford said. “This does not, and will not, include any accounts that used an infinite heat shield exploit. Love you all.”

Apex fans quickly thanked the security lead for rooting out cheaters, while other quickly asked what platform these bans affected. “Only PC right now, console judgment is coming soon,” Ford added, no doubt striking fear into the heart of console cheaters.

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In terms of going after those who abused the Heat Shield exploit, Hideouts noted that permanent punishments will only be dished out to “hardcore abusers” and teased that “justice is coming” for them.

However, as good a job as he does, it’s difficult to get everyone. Apex is a free game after all, and if cheaters want, they can simply make another account and carry on with their exploits. However, Ford is pretty relentless in his pursuit of cleaning things up.