Apex Legends already has the next four Legends “locked in” up to Season 12

Apex Legends roster with Bangalore, Mirage, Pathfinder, Wraith, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Pathfinder, and CausticRespawn Entertainment

Worried about Apex Legends running dry of content? Respawn aren’t. The devs are future-proofing the game, already locking in legends up to Season 12 in 2022 to keep the battle royale flowing.

Game development takes time, but there’s comfort in knowing that your favorite game has big plans for the future. Respawn are reassuring Apex Legends with just that with their grandiose intentions for their battle royale.

The devs are already thinking months, if not years in advance, and they’ve teasing little tidbits of what’s to come.

Rest assured: Apex will be hitting double-digit seasons soon, and there’s not stopping the momentum after the game’s launch on Steam.

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Apex Legends Season 8 Fuse Ultimate AbilityRespawn Entertainment
Just getting into Apex Legends in Season 8 with Fuse? You’ve got at least four more seasons to get excited for.

Respawn confirmed as much in an April 2 podcast. Game director Chad Grenier has said the developer has already mapped out new Legends as far as Season 12, penned in for some time in 2022.

“At this point we know our Season 9, 10, 11, and 12 Legends I believe,” he said.

While he didn’t leak any potential designs, he did say Respawn are constantly thinking years in advance about what to add in Apex Legends. There’s a number of concepts outside of the four “locked in” Legends that are in various stages of development.

“We always have a handful that are in various phases. There’s a bunch in prototype; they don’t have models, they don’t have personalities, they just have their ability set,” he added.

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While Respawn had admitted to locking in the Season 12 Legend, Grenier says it’s still in very early development. The long process between now and its release in 2022 could see things drastically change, but they’ll have a reasonably clear path in the coming months.

“We need to make sure we give [the writers] enough time to write [narratives] and the artists enough time to build the character model and enough time to do a proper tease and season theme around that Legend,” he said. “We usually know from about a year out.”

Pro players invited to test new Legends

Grenier also gave some insight into how they test a new Legend before releasing it into the wild.

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“We’re good developers, but not the best players of the game… So when you have the pros come in and play, you get a lot of insight.

There have already been leaks that Blisk will be a new Legend, and that a Titanfall-inspired season is coming next, Respawn are going to have to set a high bar to clear with their future updates. However, it appears like they have the plans to do so.