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Apex Legends leak seemingly reveals Blisk abilities, Titan ultimate

Published: 24/Mar/2021 3:33 Updated: 25/Mar/2021 16:40

by Isaac McIntyre


An Apex Legends gameplay leak appears to have revealed the abilities for upcoming character Kuben Blisk, including an ultimate that lets the Apex Games founder call in a Titan, and a “Ring Flare” tactical ability.

Titans appear to be coming to Apex Legends… kind of.

The huge set of Apex Legends leaks were originally posted as still images by insider TheNeon_Beast. Popular battle royale dataminer Biast12 shared both text & gameplay video versions soon after. In both sets of leaks, it appears an upcoming character ⁠— believed to be Blisk ⁠— deploys a Titan in the training yard.

Dexerto has been told the video is allegedly from a “test build.”


In the video, filmed on a Nintendo Switch, the deployed Titan sprays bullets after landing, then activates a Bloodhound-style scan as it walks behind the player. After a moment, the “Auto-Titan” stops moving and self-destructs.

The ultimate reads, “Blisk summons an Auto-Titan to suppress an area.”

The Legends’ passive and tactical were also included in Biast’s text-based leak. His passive, “Pilot Kit,” allows Blisk to “hack Survey Beacons using his Data Knife” like all recon characters. He can also “wall run,” according to the leak.

Blisk’s leaked tactical ability ⁠appears to work in a similar fashion to the ‘Ring Flare’ grenades from the Ring Fury LTM, which was introduced in Season 8. The leak says he “creates a damage zone powered by The Arena’s ring.”


In fitting with his founder status, Blisk’s tactical is called “My Ring, My Rules”. The grenade ability appears for a moment at the end of the leaked Switch video.

For now, while these leaks are exciting, it’s worth taking them with a hefty helping of skepticism. Respawn has previously pledged to never bring Titanfall 2’s lumbering robot warriors to their battle royale, and wall-running was given a similar red cross by the Apex Legends devs.

“It’s very unlikely we’d ever put wall running on a full legend,” the devs said back in Oct. 2020. “Anecdotally, people absolutely loved the constant sugar high of Titanfall multiplayer, but then also very quickly burned out on it.”


That said, these new Apex Legends leaks ⁠— especially the Switch gameplay video ⁠— do appear to be quite convincing. Keep your eyes peeled for Respawn’s reply.