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All Apex Legends Season 5 easter eggs and teasers so far

Published: 25/Apr/2020 13:56

by Connor Bennett


Ahead of Apex Legends season five, fans have been noticing a few teasers springing up around World’s Edge and Kings Canyon for a limited time. We’re going to round them up here and take a look at what else is in store.

With Apex Legends set to turn from season four to season five, Respawn Entertainment have already dropped a few teasers about what is coming next. All roads seemingly lead to Loba being the next legend joining the battle royale roster, as well as some absolutely huge potential map changes. 

On certain days, these new clues have been going live in-game – with eagle-eyed fans scouring both World’s Edge and Kings Canyon in hopes of finding them first. However, if you’ve missed out and haven’t yet seen the teasers, don’t worry, we’re going to round up everything we know about them – and what else could be coming in the future. 

Apex Legends Gamepedia
All signs point to Loba being the newest Legend in Apex Legends Season 5.

The first apparent teaser came all the way back on April 10, when players noticed that a door had sprung up at Hydro Dam after seemingly never being there before.

Fans went back and forth over what the door could mean – with plenty suggesting that it might be how Respawn introduces Loba. Design Director at Respawn Entertainment, Jason McCord, responded to question about the door with a teasing gif that didn’t give much away.

HIRUZENandENMA via Reddit
Teasers for Apex Season 5 have been popping up around World’s Edge.

Apex players uncovered the second season five teaser on April 17, after a small device appeared at Dome with images of layouts for an underground location.

It took a few hours but fans realized that it was hinting at the Singh Labs location that had played a big role on Kings Canyon. One in particular, Redditor OrcusDei, noted that the door teaser seemingly led inside the location – with this possibly being the next major map change.

[Season 5] New Part of the Map + Location from apexlegends

Apex leaker Shrugtal revealed that there are still, at least, two more pieces of the puzzle to be uncovered. The first of which would go live on Monday, April 27 at 10 am PDT.

Like the other clues, that would last for a day, before the other clue would be cycled into the battle royale on Thursday, April 30 – again at 10 am PDT.

The leaked schedule for Apex Season 5 teasers.

If there any more clues past this point, however, still remains to be seen. It’s also unknown if they will be any more subtle than the small devices that have been popping up.

Apex Legends season five has been pushed back by a week and will now kick off on Tuesday, May 12, so Respawn has plenty of time to get the hype train up to full steam.

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Apex Legends Season 8 launch trailer reveals Fuse abilities and destroyed Kings Canyon

Published: 21/Jan/2021 16:12

by Calum Patterson


Respawn Entertainment have given a first look at the new Legend Fuse and his abilities in action, plus the obliteration of Kings Canyon, in the Apex Legends Season 8 Launch trailer.

Fuse, real name Walter Fitzroy is the eighth post-launch Legend to join the Apex games, bringing the total to 16 – double what the game had at launch.

As his name implies, his abilities are all about explosives, and he’s a blow-it-up-first, ask questions later, type character. Hailing from Salvo – a new planet we’ve only just found out about – he’s also bringing a new weapon with him, the 30-30 repeater.

The launch trailer, released on January 21, gives us our first look at two key parts of the upcoming season: Fuse’s ability kit, and the new-look Kings Canyon.

Season 8 Launch Trailer


Fuse abilities in Apex Legends

Although not completely explained, this trailer gives us a look at Fuse using his abilities, which he’ll have in the Apex games.

His ultimate, which was already teased in-game, sees him drop a mortar-like bomb, which then explodes into flames, damaging anyone nearby.

We can also see him launch grenades from his arm, which will be his tactical ability.

Fuse tactical ability
Respawn Entertainment
Fuse can launch explosives from his mechanical arm.

Kings Canyon

Salvo’s unification with the Syndicate was meant to be a joyous occasion, but Fuse’s old friends are certainly not happy about – and decided to crash the party.

This has left Kings Canyon in ruins – ready for a new Season of massive map changes. Respawn have become experts at weaving the game’s lore into actual gameplay, and this is just another example of that.

In the trailer, it appears that Artillery and Slum Lakes have both been destroyed, but we may have to wait until the gameplay trailer to see the full extent of the damage.

Season 8 launches on consoles, PC, and possibly Nintendo Switch, on February 2.