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New Apex Legends Season 5 teaser reveals major map change

Published: 21/Apr/2020 9:42 Updated: 21/Apr/2020 9:55

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players believe that a number of map changes for Kings Canyon in Season 5 have been teased right under their noses, but will they be proven right?

For a few weeks now, Apex Legends players have been gearing up for season five – uncovering apparent teases for the next legend to join the battle royale roster. All roads seem to lead to Loba on that front, though plenty of other fans want more changes. 


There have been rumors about an all-new map for the next season, however, it appears as if there will just be changes to current maps – with Kings Canyon taking the focus here as players believe that they’ve uncovered the secret to what seems to be beneath the surface.

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All signs point to Loba being the newest Legend in Apex Legends Season 5.

After the first season five teaser went live on April 17, some players were left confused by the image they were seeing, as it depicted part of a map but without any real clues that gave away what was happening.


However, Reddit user OrcusDei appears to have cracked the code. They revealed the red building in the image is actually Labs from Kings Canyon, with the Redditor even going as far as pointing out the small room where Crypto was spotted back in season two. 

With a new dome area appearing behind the labs in these teases, the image appears to suggest that the locked door players found a few weeks back will open up and lead to the new area – seemingly giving Kings Canyon an underground section to play with.

[Season 5] New Part of the Map + Location from apexlegends

Of course, no one can be certain that the area would be entirely underground,  with some fans suggesting that it will be uncovered in a way that lets players enter from the usual above ground level.


However, with more teasers apparently on the way ahead of season five, we’ll just have to wait and see what Respawn teases us with. The next one might be even more revealing. 

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Respawn apologize for confusing Apex Legends Pathfinder Grapple “buff”

Published: 9/Oct/2020 4:22

by Andrew Amos


Pathfinder mains thought they were going to be graced with a buff in the Apex Legends Aftermarket update. However, it proved to actually be a nerf. Respawn have apologized for this, and are looking at making things right with a new rework.

Pathfinder’s Grapple was updated during the Aftermarket update on October 6 to include a new cooldown timer that works based off the distance you traveled.


Instead of it being a flat 35 seconds anymore, it would scale from 10 seconds to 35 seconds. Respawn were aiming to encourage players to use shorter grapples to move around gunfights, instead of the flashier long-range ones.

Pathfinder in Apex Legends with sad face
Pathfinder was set to be buffed in the Aftermarket update. Instead, it was a nerf.

“This both buffs Path a little less for the scariest robot players out there and it also opens up room for extra skill expression: can you find useful short-distance grapples that’ll give you a shorter CD but still do something good for you,” they said in the patch notes.


However, the changes fell flat big time. The max range grapple distance was too short in getting the timer up to 35 seconds. On top of that, changes to when the timer started ticking ⁠— from landing instead of from initial cast ⁠— meant the cooldown was theoretically longer.

Respawn have acknowledged their faults though. The devs have stated that they weren’t expecting the changes to be solely buffs, saying he’s “just too powerful” to consider a wide-sweeping upgrade.

“This isn’t purely a buff. If we gave you that impression, that’s on us and I apologize. There wasn’t room to give Pathfinder a change that would be a buff in all contexts. He’s just too powerful,” Respawn designer Daniel Klein told players on Reddit.


Instead, the Apex Legends dev teams are looking towards a new rework to hopefully fit Pathfinder players’ needs. They are being conservative though, in case they make him a bit too powerful.


“I’ve got follow-up changes already in playtesting. Because Path is so very powerful I wanted to be extremely conservative in my first swing at this and see how it affects his power on live.”


Klein also encouraged Pathfinder players to experiment with their grapples. “I really hope that players will experiment a little bit with short distance grapples that actually help in combat. I understand that’s not the exciting thing you wanna do when you play Pathfinder though.”