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Apex Legends dev reveals original weapon concepts for R-301, R-99, more

Published: 25/Apr/2020 11:45

by Joe Craven


Ryan Lastimosa, 3D Art Director at Respawn Entertainment, has revealed concept designs for a handful of fan-favorite Apex Legends/Titanfall weapons, including the R-301, R-99, Longbow and Peacekeeper. 

Fans have been captivated with the incredible creativity and world-building demonstrated in Apex Legends. This includes the unique design and lore given to all legends, as well as the creatively crafted weapons. 


While weapon design does not tend to be given as much attention as other aspects, Lastimosa has shared some incredible concepts for a host of Apex’s most popular guns. The concepts offer an insight into the incredible detail artists must consider when crafting new weapons. 

Respawn Entertainment
The weapon and character designs in Apex Legends has been widely acclaimed.

On April 24, Lastimosa shared a host of concept images relating to the R-101, R-201, R-301 and Longbow DMR. The images give fans an insight into the weapon design process, showing how artists take simple silhouettes to fully-fledged weapons. 


Similarly, the concepts even provide background and lore to certain weapons. For example, the R-301 AR from Apex Legends came about as a result of the IMC – the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation from Titanfall – wanting to improve the rifle’s external structure and protect it from overheating. 

Fans have been consistently impressed with the attention to detail and dedication to narrative shown by Respawn’s art designers.

Lastimosa also shared concept designs for other weapons, including the R-99 SMG and fan-favorite shotgun, the Peacekeeper. 


Concept drawings and early images show how involved artists are in the weapon development process, even drawing how the weapon’s reload animation will look.

The concept designs reinforce how Apex Legends was inspired by Titanfall, and expanded upon the already rigorous weapon design process demonstrated in the Respawn developed series. 

It’s no surprise that Apex Legends has become as popular as it is when considering the lengths Respawn have gone to in order to create an immersive world. 

Apex Legends

How to get free Apex Legends Lifeline skin with Prime Gaming

Published: 16/Oct/2020 18:13 Updated: 16/Oct/2020 18:19

by Daniel Cleary


Respawn has released yet another Apex Legends skin in October for players with Prime Gaming (previously known as Twitch Prime) and Lifeline is the latest character to receive an exclusive cosmetic. Here’s what you’ll need to claim it.

Teasers for Apex Legends Season 7 are now starting to ramp up, following the reveal of a new character Horizon in the Firing Range, and players are eager to see just what Respawn has in-store next.


However, with a few weeks left until Season 6 comes to a close, there is still plenty of new content and cosmetics being released for fans of the battle royale to experience.

The latest season has already delivered two new Prime Gaming skins, one for the new Legend Rampart and one for Bloodhound, but Respawn has revealed they will be releasing one more for Lifeline.


When will the Lifeline skin be available?

The new Lifeline skin will be available to all Prime Gaming users, starting from October 16, and it has been titled “Pastel Dreams.”

The new cosmetic item is more colorful than some of the other skins in the medic’s collection and it features a mix of blue, yellow, and pink on her classic outfit.

Here’s what you have to do to unlock this exclusive skin in-game.


How to unlock Lifeline’s new skin with Prime Gaming

  1. Register or log in to a Twitch account with an active Prime Gaming subscription.
  2. Visit the Apex Legends section on Amazon’s Prime Gaming website.
  3. Simply press on the Claim Now button above the Pastel dreams skin.
  4. If your EA account has not yet been linked to your Twitch account, you will be prompted to do so.
  5. Once your accounts have been linked, the item will be claimed and added to your in-game inventory in Apex Legends.

Prime Gaming pastel dreams lifeline skin

So, there you have it, once you follow all of those steps you should be able to access the new lifeline skin the next time you log-in.

It is worth noting that Bloodhound’s ‘Will of the Allfather’ skin is also currently available for those who have not claimed him yet, but as these Prime Gaming skins are only available for a limited time period, it is worth unlocking them sooner rather than later.