The Beginning After The End Season 6: Release date and everything else we know

Anamika Das
Arthur Leywin from The Beginning after The End

The highly anticipated manhwa The Beginning After The End is coming back with Season 6. Here are all the details you need including the release date of the new season and where to read the manhwa.

The Beginning After The End is one of the most popular manhwa out there. Adapted from 2017’s light novel of the same name, the manhwa started in 2018. Like the light novel, it is written by TurtleMe and illustrated by Fuyuki23.

The Beginning After the End is an epic fantasy using the reincarnation trope. The story begins with King Grey, the strongest in the whole world, who is reincarnated as Arthur Leywin and vows to right the wrongs of his previous life and protect the kingdom of Dicathen.

The Beginning After The End Season 5 concluded in 2023, after which the author announced that the sixth season was in the works and would drop in Spring 2024. Now, after more than a year, the makers have been providing information about Season 6. Many are hopeful for an anime show – here’s how to keep up with new chapters in the meantime.

The Beginning After The End Season 6 release date

Arthur Leywin

The Beginning After The End Season 6 will be released on Saturday, May 11, 2024. The manhwa will return with Chapter 139, and the Korean version will arrive first, with an English translation shortly after.

After that, the manhwa will be updated weekly on KakaoPage in Korean, and Tapas in English, with the exception of the author’s scheduled breaks.

Along with the release date, Tapas Entertainment and TurtleMe also revealed that Season 6 will be illustrated by a different artist. The makers commemorated the announcement of The Beginning After The End with fresh teaser imagery illustrated by the new artist.

Where to read The Beginning After The End Season 6

The Beginning After The End Season 6 will be exclusively released on Tapas in English, and KakaoPage in Korean. The chapters of the new season will be available to read for users with Tapas subscriptions.

Those who don’t have Tapas subscriptions can still read the manhwa for free. You just need to sign up to get a three-hour free pass, during which you can read any chapter you want.

The source material of the manhwa – the Beginning After The End light novel – is also available on the platform in Korean and other translations, including English. As for the manhwa, while only the Korean release date has been announced, the English version has been confirmed to drop soon and will also be exclusively available on Tapas.

Is there a The Beginning After The End Season 6 teaser?

Tapas Entertainment released a teaser for the upcoming The Beginning After The End Season 6 ahead of the release date.

The trailer gives the viewers small glimpses at the major characters from the manhwa and a sneak peek at what’s to come next in the sixth season.

The Beginning After The End Season 6 is on the reading list of many manhwa fans. Those already familiar with the light novel promise there will be lots of exciting stuff for Arthur and Tessia in the sixth season.

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