Spy x Family episode 13 review: Family, crime, and comedic gold

Spy x Family Season 2YouTube: Crunchyroll Collection

Spy x Family part 2 is here, and starting off with a bang – the first episode of the new season sets high standards for the series moving forward.

Part 2 of Spy x Family is here, only a couple of months after part 1’s debut. As a series, Spy x Family went viral, gaining massive popularity and creating excitement around the show’s progress.

Episode 1 of the new part starts off running, building upon the foundation set by the first part. Animation quality has increased, and the studio seems to have grown comfortable with the pacing and execution of the plot, showcased by part 2’s first episode.

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Without further ado let’s jump into the review. A slight spoiler warning below for Spy x Family!

Spy x Family part 2 starts off running

After a short recap sharing the base plot of the anime, Spy x Family begins right where it left off – barely missing a beat. Those familiar with the abrupt ending of part 1 will be delighted to continue watching the adventures of the Forger family, while those new to the series will understand enough contextually to enjoy the new arc and part as well.

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The musical opening showcases the family simply enjoying their days – very fitting for a slice-of-life style anime. There are no flashy colors spewing or overly ambitious symbolic motifs. Instead, the opening is rather calm, displaying gorgeous scenic settings which help showcase the characters in their element.

After the opening, episode 1 quickly picks up. Loid Forger is looking to buy Anya a dog to reward her for acquiring her first Stella. For those unaware, Stellas are stars given to students at the prodigious Eden Academy to reward exemplary accomplishments. Exact story plots proceeding will be omitted to avoid heavy spoilers.

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The search for a dog then becomes an entire adventure, introducing various plot points and drastically pushing the pace of the story forward. As with most Spy x Family predicaments, the problem spirals out of control before resolving after the interference of the Forger family. This animated series is most enjoyable during these moments, where multiple elements juggle perfectly in the air. And it’s this very recipe that made part 1 so delightful to watch.

Spy x Family part 2 Episode 1, also known as Spy x Family episode 13, improves upon this recipe, adding more enjoyable variables without oversaturating the story.

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The new part teases what is to come

Animations are cleaner than before, and the pacing doesn’t blatantly stall for time, an issue that plagues many manga-based animated series. The manga source material honestly has a sizeable head start, so there’s little worry about catching up and running out of content.

As for part 2 episode 1 itself, the introduction of new plot points and characters increases the dynamic variables involved in the Forger family’s adventures. The complexity of the situation seems to only be escalating as the anime progresses, which keeps the story fresh and exciting for viewers.

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