One Piece hypes Shanks will “show a glimpse of his power” in new promo

Tulisha srivastava
One Piece Shanks

Shanks vs Kid is one of the most popular moments of the Egghead Arc as Toei hypes up Shanks’ show of power with a new promo video.

Shanks is one of the strongest characters in One Piece, and fans first see a “glimpse of his power” when he obliterates the Kid Pirates. The Red Hair Pirates are about to leave Elbaf, but the Kid Pirates challenge them for a rematch.

Before the fight, Shanks decides to give Kid an option to either hand over his poneglyphs or risk fighting him. However, Kid isn’t the kind of person who listens to threats. As expected, he is no match against the formidable Yonko.

Shanks uses Roger’s move, ‘Divine Departure’, against the Kid Pirates. The anime will adapt this scene in Episode 1112.

According to a popular One Piece translator, the PV says, “He’s the man who laughs off most things, gets angry for the sake of his friends, and can be entrusted with their dreams. A dignified leader and a man with a sympathizing heart.

“A man who stood shoulder-to-shoulder and crossed swords with the “Strongest Man.” A man who possesses both strength and kindness. This man will show a glimpse of his power.”

Not only does the description talk about Shanks’ personality, but it also mentions a brief clash between him and Whitebeard. One fan shares, “That’s insane that it’s only a glimpse of his power. How strong really is Shanks? How strong is Mihawk, really? Marineford is not only not a good scaling tool, but it might also be useless. Kidd was a 3B bounty pirate that not even Big Mom could one-shot. This was just a piece?”

Shanks is Luffy’s role model, and their personalities aren’t that different. The first half of the description can also be used to describe Luffy. Another fan notices the similarity and shares, “A lot of this also applies to Luffy. It’s actually crazy how alike they are to each other in the sense of beliefs. Wild stuff.”

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