Fan-favorite One Piece character gets limitless power in this Avengers: Endgame crossover

Alan Bernal
Toei Animation / Marvel Studios

Avengers: Endgame has proven to be a hit with worldwide audiences since it released, but this anime crossover with popular franchise One Piece could be even more loved by fans of the series if it ever happened.

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The One-Piece anime has been widely popular among viewers since it aired at the turn of the century, but fans have been conceiving incredible artworks that illustrate the Straw Hats and co in completely new lights.

One of the latest entries to that trend tastefully fuses one of the most intimidating vice admirals in the Marines with the the full power of the Infinity Gauntlet which would make Luffy dread another Fist of Love.

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Toei Animation
Luffy would definitely feel the love from Garp’s enhanced fist in this crossover.

In a Reddit post, user ‘henriyuken’ gave Luffy’s grandfather Monkey D. Garp a fully decked out Infinity Gauntlet which would make his Haki punches all the more devastating.

In the design, the Hero of the Marines has a wide smile since he now holds the power of the Power, Mind, Time, Reality, Soul, and Space stones, which would have to be used at full strength to keep Luffy safe from his pirate adventures.

The artist gave their design a fitting name, calling it the Infinity Fist of Love for obvious reasons but it might also be because Garp is their “favorite One Piece character.”

henriyuken via Reddit
If One Piece fans thought Garp was strong, image his fists backed by the Infinity Gauntlet.
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Fans of the show were loving the art piece, while also giving theories as to what Garp would do while wielding all that power.

“With just a snap of his fingers he can increase the amount of meat in the universe by 50%,” Reddit user ‘topdangle’ said.

The One Piece fan community have amazing artists

While henriyuken certainly has an eye for great design as seen in his Garp piece, the rest of the community have come up with fantastic designs that sheds new lights on mainstay characters from the series.

One Piece fans have made countless artworks to celebrate their favorite anime.

Whether its with artworks or hilarious NSFW cosplays featuring fan-favorite pirates from the show, One Piece fans provide some of the best creations in fandom.

Time will tell if we get another One Piece x Avengers design in the future, but as it stands henriyuken’s design is looking to be a highly praised piece by the franchise’s fans.