One Piece Chapter 1113 gives Sanji the respect he deserves

Tulisha srivastava
One Piece Sanji

Sanji has often been overshadowed by Zoro, but One Piece Chapter 1113 gives him the respect he deserves.

One Piece is currently featuring the chaotic situation in Egghead, which is only getting worse with every enemy appearance. However, Luffy and his allies are in more dire circumstances after Gorosei arrives there.

One Piece Chapter 1113 was written during Oda’s three-week break, so no wonder fans were already hyped about it. In the recent chapter, Nusjuro destroys all Pacifistas while York leads Mars to the monitor room, and the latter doesn’t waste a second before destroying it.

Stussy stays behind to shut down Frontier Dome while the Straw Hats and their friends escape. Meanwhile, Luffy, Dory, and Brogy fight the other Gorosei, and Luffy gets hurt while attacking. The upcoming chapter puts Sanji in the limelight. Warning: This article contains spoilers from the upcoming chapter!

Who does Sanji fight in One Piece Chapter 1113?

One Piece Nusjuro

According to spoilers, Sanji attacks Nusjuro in One Piece Chapter 1113.

Although fans were excited to see Zoro fighting Nusjuro since they’re both swordsmen, Sanji was actually closest to the elder, so it’s reasonable to have the two clash with each other instead. For now, only brief spoilers are out, but we at least know Sanji made the first attack.

Of course, having them there is reassuring since Franky, Bonney, and Atlas were in deep trouble. Not only that, but Sanji actually clashed with a Gorosei before Zoro. Zoro is still down with his fight against Lucci, while Sanji is attacking one of the strongest characters in One Piece.

That said, he may not be able to do much damage against Gorosei, considering that Luffy is having trouble with them. However, even the fact that he’s clashing with Nusjuro one-on-one is an incredible feat.

For now, only brief spoilers are out. We will update this space once there is more information about One Piece Chapter 1113.

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