Demon Slayer Season 4 opening: Every spoiler explained

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Demon Slayer Hashira training arc movie ending

The latest Demon Slayer movie unveils the Season 4 opening – so here’s a look at every spoiler and foreshadowing you can expect.

Demon Slayer: To The Hashira Training is the latest addition to the franchise. Fans are treated to a special movie before Season 4 officially airs in April 2024. Premiering in over 140 countries, the movie adapts scenes from the fan-favorite Hashira Training arc.

It is the last arc of the series before the Final Battle arc begins. As the Hashira and all the demon slayers train relentlessly for the final showdown, Muzan has set his sights on Nezuko and her ability to conquer the sun.

The movie reveals the opening theme of the fourth anime season. Titled “Mugen,” MY FIRST STORY and HYDE have collaborated on this incredible song. The opening introduces all the characters along with some foreshadowing that will take place in the anime season. Here’s a look at all the spoilers in the latest opening theme. Warning: Major spoilers from the manga!

Demon Slayer opening confirms Tengen Uzui’s role in Season 4

An image of Tengen Uzui with his wives in Demon Slayer

After Rengoku’s death in his fight against Akaza, the Demon Slayer Corps faces another loss when Tengen Uzui decides to retire after losing an arm and an eye while fighting Gyutaro. Although part of the reason he retired is to provide a safe and stable lifestyle for his wives, no one can deny the fact that he cannot fight at his full potential anymore.

Although it may have seemed like he wouldn’t be part of the story again, the Hashira Training arc brings a pleasant surprise with his return. Apart from all the Hashira except Giyu and Shinobu, Uzui will also be in charge of training the Corps members. The training will be divided into levels as the recruits get to train under each Hashira and learn something new.

Uzui will be at the first trial, and one can only move to the other Hashira if they get his approval. He will be responsible for developing the slayers’ physical strengths. The opening shows his glimpse as Tanjiro is training under him while Uzui is standing in the back with his wives.

The ill-fated meeting Between Muzan and Kagaya

An image featuring Muzan and Kagaya from the Ubuyashiki family in Demon Slayer

Apart from the illness that plagued the Ubuyashiki bloodline, the clan has also inherited their hatred for Muzan Kibutsuji. The hatred especially runs deep in the family head, Kagaya Ubuyashiki. In the latest Demon Slayer opening, we briefly see Muzan and Kagaya coming face to face with a giant serpent in the scene.

As the serpent first appears, the opening hints that it represents Muzan. However, when Kagaya and Muzan stand in front of each other, the serpent is standing behind Kagaya, proving that there’s more to the sick man than meets the eye.

After searching for so long, Muzan finally finds out the location of the Demon Slayer Corps and plans to eradicate them, as well as find Nezuko. However, what he didn’t expect was that after his meeting with Kagaya, the latter would blow up his mansion along with his family. This gives the Hashira an edge against the villain as the Final Battle arc commences.

After falling for Kagaya’s trap, Muzan realizes that the former’s hatred toward him is more like a viper coiled within his gut. He also praises Kagaya, who hid such deep animosity, and also calls him wicked for pulling such a move.

Demon Slayer opening reveals all of Hashira’s powers

An image of all the Hashira from Demon Slayer

Until the Swordsmith Village arc, the series didn’t reveal the powers of Sanemi Shinazugawa, Obanai Iguru, and Gyomei Himejima. However, the latest movie debuts Sanemi’s and Obanai’s powers ahead of manga. Because the Hashira Training arc is only nine chapters long in the manga, the anime will feature scenes from the light novel.

The movie also features a non-manga scene where Sanemi and Obanai use their breathing styles. No doubt, this scene will be included in the anime season as well. The manga, however, introduces Sanemi’s powers in Chapter 136 while debuting Obanai’s powers in Chapter 140.

Apart from Obanai and Sanemi, the latest Demon Slayer opening also features Gyomei using his strange weapon. The manga introduces his Stone Breathing in Chapter 136, but there’s a possibility we might see it ahead of time, like Sanemi and Obanai. However, even if that isn’t the case, Chapter 136 is the last chapter of the Hashira Training arc, so the anime season is confirmed to introduce the powers of the strongest Hashira.

Demon Slayer opening confirms the clash between Giyu and Sanemi

Demon Slayer Giyu and Sanemi

Demon Slayer Corps is an organization not recognized by the government. Despite that, it has been successfully functioning for centuries thanks to the amazing ability of the Ubuyashiki family head and the rules they’ve set for the demon slayers. One of those rules strictly prohibits confrontation among themselves, regardless of their ranking.

Which is why the fight between Giyu and Sanemi is odd. Although they have opposite personalities, with Sanemi being the hot-headed one, he wouldn’t draw his sword against Giyu for no reason. Tanjiro witnesses their fight and asks them to stop. He also misunderstands that Sanemi is angry over some sweets.

However, he soon finds out that the two are actually sparring against each other. Training the low-ranking demon slayer isn’t the only goal of the Hashira Training; the Hashira themselves must hone their skills. Since Giyu isn’t training anyone, Sanemi decides to spar with him before Tanjiro interferes.

The confrontation between Shinazugawa brothers

Demon Slayer Genya and Sanemi Shinazugawa

The Swordsmith Village arc reveals the heartbreaking backstory of the Shinazugawa brothers. Genya and Sanemi are the only survivors in their family, as all their siblings were killed by their mother, who had been turned into a demon. Sanemi had no choice but to kill her. However, when Genya witnesses the scene, he misunderstands and blames his older brother.

Sanemi then joins the Demon Slayer Corps and distances himself from Genya. Even though Genya had long realized his mistake, Sanemi never gave him the opportunity to approach him. Hence, Genya aimed to become a Hashira and ask for his brother’s forgiveness.

The opening theme features them standing in a hall, with Genya facing Sanemi’s back. In the manga, Genya tries to talk with Sanemi, and Tanjiro witnesses this scene. The confrontation ends terribly, with Sanemi being enraged at Genya after finding out he ate demons to grow stronger.

Although the brothers’ misunderstanding isn’t clear in the Hashira Training arc, the series later reveals that Sanemi loves Genya more than anyone. He even distances himself from his only family, so Genya wouldn’t follow in his footsteps and risk his life to fight demons.

Demon Slayer opening ends with Tanjiro attacking Muzan

An image of Muzan from Demon Slayer

As the protagonist of Demon Slayer, it goes without saying that Tanjiro will have a significant role to play in the Final Battle arc. He already has a personal vendetta against the demon progenitor. However, apart from that, Tanjiro also wishes to end the cycle of tragedy by killing Muzan and ensuring there are no demons in the world again.

However, the Hashira Training arc in the manga doesn’t feature their confrontation. In Chapter 139, Infinity Castle arc (first part of the Final Battle arc), all the Hashira gather to defeat Muzan after Kagaya’s sacrifice. Tanjiro also smells explosives and burning flesh and heads toward them. They all attack Muzan, but the villain traps them in the Infinity Castle.

Tanjiro and Muzan will then exchange blows in the Sunrise Countdown arc. Muzan mixes his blood with his attacks, injuring and killing several Demon Slayers at once. Tanjiro also gets hit by it, but since he survives, the poison from Muzan’s blood causes his cell destruction and almost kills him. Despite that, he continues fighting and sees the sunrise with the few surviving demon slayers.

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