Wild Animal Crossing glitch changes villagers and it’s not PG

shocked isabelle in animal crossingNintendo

A crazy glitch in Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ paid DLC, Happy Home Paradise, is making villagers take off their clothes and walk around naked… Yes, you read that right.

The Nintendo Switch title is no stranger to bugs, with one allowing players to walk on water and another to create permanent cliffs, both of which have been fixed since.

But now, a new glitch has arrived in ACNH, and it’s the last thing you’d ever expect: villagers walking around in the nude.

Hilarious Animal Crossing villager glitch

The comical bug only happens in the Happy Home Paradise DLC, and only in the cafe. Players unlock it after decorating five vacation homes.

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Once the cafe is built, the glitch causes its staff members to greet you and serve you… Completely naked. No work uniform, no clothing of any kind – completely in the buff.

Multiple players have encountered this priceless error, taking to social media to share screenshots of villagers such as Marina, Coco, and Tia unclothed.

“WHY ARE YOU NAKED?” one player simply asked, clearly shocked to see Merangue in her exposed state.

“I’d never do my girl Marina dirty but I think I found a new bug in the game!” another AC fan exclaimed, sharing their screenshot on Reddit.

“Okay, Whitney. If being naked is fabulous for you, then so be it,” wrote another.

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In their screenshot, the snooty wolf villager hilariously says “I always say…if one must wear a uniform, why not make it fabulous?” while greeting the player.

The only character who’s supposed to be clothesless is K.K. Slider, so it’s easy to see why it’s so surprising and amusing for New Horizons players, walking into their store to be greeted with not a single garment in sight.

It still hasn’t been patched out, so if you own Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise then you may encounter a naked animal or two next time you visit your cafe.

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