Ludwig admits he cheated at Among Us to make better Twitch & YouTube content

Lawrence Scotti
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YouTube star Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren openly admitted he cheated in Among Us lobbies and explained how it helped him make better videos when the game was super popular.

There was a time when Among Us completely took over the YouTube meta and seemingly every content creator was making videos based on the whodunit game from developer InnerSloth.

Streamers like Pokimane, Sykkuno, and Disguised Toast were making near-daily videos on the game in its heyday. Another streamer who cashed in on the craze was Ludwig, who was still streaming on Twitch at the time.

Now, Ludwig has admitted that in order to generate more interesting Among Us content he may have cheated.

Ludwig Mogul Money
Ludwig has an exclusive streaming deal with YouTube.

Ludwig opens up on cheating in Among Us

The YouTuber titled the April 28 episode of his podcast The Yard “Ludwig Finally Admits to Cheating in Among Us.”

Ahgren and his co-hosts were discussing the recent cheating controversy surrounding Mizkif’s game show Schooled, whose winner EEvisu admitted he cheated in order to win. Ludwig has offered a defense of EE, and even admitted he’s cheated in the past.

“For juicy content, I would sometimes look at chat and it would be emote only, and I could kind of see who they were emoting, because there would always be narcs. And then, I would guide the content that way. But not like ‘Let me be the genius’, it would be like ‘Oh Sykkuno’s the imposter? Let me hang out with his all game and then pretend I got super manipulated.'”

He continued his explanation, “It doesn’t matter if you win Among Us, but you can make better content if you know.”

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Ludwig was grilled by his co-hosts on if he ever cheated during Among Us tournaments, which he flatly declined.

Cheating to make YouTube content out of a game is much different than cheating in a competition with a grand prize of $50k.

While Ahgren admits he cheated to find out who the imposter was in open lobbies, he didn’t cheat when there was ever any money on the line.

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