Who is Zerkaa? Sidemen member’s career explained

Molly Byrne
Josh zerkaa bradley

The Sidemen’s Josh Bradley also goes by the nickname ‘Zerkaa.’ While he creates content online by himself and role-plays a character in GTA, he stays active with the other six members of The Sidemen as they continue their success.

31-year-old Zerkaa, real name Josh Bradley, is one of the seven members of British YouTube group The Sidemen. Although KSI is the best-known member of their squad, Zerkaa has been considered their leader since 2013 when they first launched their YouTube channel.

Zerkaa lives in the United Kingdom, where he and The Sidemen create a great deal of their content. In 2014, he competed against his six friends in The Sidemen Experience and won the title as the ‘Ultimate Sidemen.’

The streamer also role-plays Tommy Tate, a GTA character who lives a life full of crime. Though the character might not mimic his actual lifestyle, Zerkaa’s fans share their support by shouting out “Tommy T” in plenty of his social media posts.

The Sidmen on a winter trip in 2024.
The Sidmen on a winter trip in 2024.


When did Zerkaa start creating content?

Zerkaa started creating online content in 2009 under the YouTube channel entitled ‘Zerkaa.’ He began sharing Call of Duty and FIFA gameplay until 2013 when he co-founded The Sidemen with KSI, Simon ‘Miniminter’ Minter, Harry ‘W2S’ Lewis, Vikram ‘Vikkstar123’ Barn, Ethan ‘Behzinga’ Payne, and Tobi ‘TBJZL’ Brown.

He has over 4.7M YouTube subscribers and 1.5M followers on Twitch. In 2022, he was the most-watched Twitch streamer in the UK, with users watching his content for almost 18 million hours.

Though The Sidemen also have a strong social media following, with over 21M YouTube subscribers, Zerkaa makes his own content where he shares his travels, moments with his girlfriend Freya Nightingale, and plenty of other comical clips from his life.

Zerkaa wins The Sidemen Experience

In 2014, The Sidemen held The Sidemen Experience, where the seven members competed in hysterical challenges to determine who was the Ultimate Sidemen.

While KSI lost in round one when he couldn’t take the heat of a bird’s eye chili pepper, the rest of the group continued competing for five rounds.

Zerkaa was eventually crowned as the Ultimate Sidemen after he beat Vikram in a FIFA 15 match that resulted in a paintball war where Zerkaa thoroughly trounced Miniminter.

Who is Tommy Tate? Zerkaa’s GTA character explained

Tommy Tate, also known as ‘Tommy T,’ is a character that Zerkaa role-plays in GTA V online. Tommy’s backstory is that he fled from the UK to Los Santos as a criminal escaping his past.

In 2024, Tommy was jumped by the Chang Gang as part of his initiation and has continued his life of crime alongside his superior, Mr. K.

Zerkaa and The Sidemen’s entrepreneurial ventures

Zerkaa and The Sidemen have capitalized on their online following by venturing into even more business-related courtships.

In 2021, they released their vodka brand XIX, and later added additional flavors that can be found in several countries and online.

zerkaa and xix vodka
Zerkaa and The Sidmen vodka, XIX.

Two years later in November 2023, The Sidemen opened their restaurant, ‘Sides.’ There are two locations in the UK, and they primarily serve fried chicken.

They continued their luck with food and beverage, and in March 2024, Zerkaa and The Sidemen unveiled their breakfast cereal, ‘BEST.’ 

Though Zerkaa isn’t the only active content creator of The Sidemen, a lot of his followers have agreed that he is in his “peak-era” and continue to flood his social media pages with nothing but positivity.