KSI agrees to let iShowSpeed on 20vs1 Sidemen video

Shay Robson

KSI has agreed to let YouTube star iShowSpeed take part in the 20 women vs 1 Sidemen video, and fans are pumped.

iShowSpeed has taken the internet by storm in the last year. Known for his unusual yet enthusiastic personality, the Cristiano Ronaldo super fan was by far the most-watched streamer on YouTube in 2022 — and it wasn’t even close.

Following the Sidemen Charity football match last year, Speed has been keen to appear in the group’s 20 women vs 1 Sidemen series. Now, it looks like we’ll finally be seeing it happen.

iShowSpeed to join Sidemen 20vs1

During his birthday live stream on January 22, the now 18-year-old asked KSI if they could finally make the video. “Let’s do a 20vs1, I’m ready for the 20vs1” he said on FaceTime to the PRIME co-founder.

“You actually want to do it?” KSI responded with chuckles. “I actually want to do it, can I do it or not,” Speed replied.

“I mean of course, but I’m scared, for the women bro. Bro, you’re a wild guy,” said KSI.

“Yeah, I might just sniff them and bark at them,” the 18-year-old joked. “Come on now bro, 20vs1, everybody’s waiting on it bro, come on now.”

The YouTube boxer then agreed that they’ll make it happen next time Speed is in London. “Everyone is waiting on it, so yeah we’ll make it happen, man. Next time you’re in London bro, we’ll get it cracking.”

Previously, we’ve seen others such as Logan Paul, JiDion and Kai Cenat undergo the 20vs1 video — a speed-dating spinoff where the Sidemen speak in their ear and give outrageous instructions on what to do during the date.

With Speed confirming he’ll be in London sometime in February, it shouldn’t be long till fans will see the rising YouTuber on the Sidemen channel.