Hasan slammed after claiming streaming is harder than a “real job”

Meera Jacka
Hasan slammed after claiming streaming is harder than a real job

Hasan has found himself on the receiving end of backlash after claiming on Twitch that streaming is more draining than a “real job.”

Turkish-American online streamer ‘HasanAbi‘ is no stranger to controversy, having found himself in the hot seat on numerous occasions.

He has previously faced backlash for making fun of a TikToker’s appearance, “stealing content” for react videos, and most recently, for claiming he earns the same as a doctor.

Now, Hasan is ruffling feathers once more after controversially stating on Twitch that streaming is harder than working at a “real job.”

“Yes, a real job can be gruesome, a real job can make you very tired, but a real job doesn’t suck the soul out of you,” Hasan told his viewers. “The same way that nine hours of streaming absolutely will.”

His comments, however, did not go over well with viewers. Baffled by his claims, many took to sharing the clip of Hasan’s statement across social media and roasting the streamer.

Fellow content creators also chimed in, with YouTuber ‘WillyMacShow‘ retweeting the clip and writing, “This guy makes sh** up for 9 hours a day and his commute to work is walking into his 5th bedroom in his 3 million dollar mansion. But somehow a real job is hard.”

Another Youtuber, ‘McNasty3‘, said, “Coming from someone who makes online content for a living and has been for the past 5 years, he’s dumb [as f***] for saying this. Every day I’m grateful I get to do this job over a 9-5.”

Hasan has since responded to the backlash, claiming on X that the clip was taken out of context. He said, “It is wild how this completely out-of-context clip made its way to Twitter [X] so fast. I was talking about how much a 9-hour stream eats away at my social battery [and] how I can’t socialize after, comparing it to my sales job before.”

He went on to say, “I recognize how fortunate I am every day!”

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