Ludwig & Ninja fire back against claim content creators aren’t responsible for their audience

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Ludwig and Ninja both fired back against claims that content creators are “not responsible” for their audience’s behavior, agreeing that influencers do in fact hold a degree of responsibility for their community.

The debate of whether celebrities are responsible for their fanbase’s actions has long been a discussion. In the age of internet influencers, non-traditional celebrities such as streamers and YouTubers often have to grapple with this topic. 

One such YouTuber was IDubbbz, who released a video on May 18 apologizing for his past content and its influence on his audience. Twitch streamer, Stanz, reacted to the video, stating that creators are very much responsible for their audiences. 

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However, a commentary YouTuber, WillyMacShow, disagreed shortly after, saying in response to the clip, “You’re not responsible for your own audience unless you directly tell them to do something… If you have 100,000 viewers, statistically speaking, one of them is going to be unhinged.” 

However, Ludwig disagreed with the sentiment as soon as it appeared on his timeline. “The argument that ‘statistically 1/100,000 people will be unhinged so you bear no responsibility on the other 99,999’ is incredibly weak,” he said, which then caught the eye of another popular figure on the internet today.

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It seems Ninja also has a similar view to Ludwig on the matter, saying, “You aren’t responsible for them, but you have a responsibility to be a good role model and leader, especially when you are talking about sensitive topics.” 

WillyMac responded to Ludwig’s tweet, saying, “Obviously if 99,999 of your 100,000 viewers are being racist, then you are responsible for that.” 

“When I made my YouTube account, I didn’t realize I signed up to be everyone’s dad,” he further responded to Ninja, “

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WillyMac further defended his position, saying if a creator is spreading misinformation, scams, or directing their audience to harass an individual, it is their responsibility.

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