xQc spends absurd amount in WoW just to outbid Sodapoppin on a random item

Jeremy Gan
xQc spends absurd amount in WoW just to outbid Sodapoppin on a random itemTwitch: xQC/Blizzard

xQc has spent an absurd amount in WoW just to outbid Sodapoppin on a sword that he blatantly overpaid for just to rub it in. 

xQc is no stranger to dropping metric tons of money, be it spending nearly $450K on a new watch or casually dropping thousands while gambling. And considering his deal with Kick has netted him millions already, it’s no wonder why he can casually spend such a massive amount. 

And in an insane show of dominance over fellow streamer Sodapoppin, xQc dropped a cool $1,000 without so much as blinking. He did so in a WoW auction, for a sword that realistically doesn’t sell for anywhere near the price he paid.

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Bidding for the Warblades of Hakkari, which last went for 5000 gold, went smoothly as WoW players all bid reasonable amounts for the item, with Soda seemingly poised to get it as he was the highest bidder. Though that didn’t quite pan out. 

It wasn’t long until xQc came in blazing, ready to drop thousands of gold for the Warblades. The price quickly rose above the normal 5000 gold as the pair kept upping the price to get the item. 

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And as the price swiftly climbed to 10,000 gold, double its ordinary value, Sodapoppin goaded xQc saying, “Felix, you don’t have this gold, I actually know that.”

As fellow streamers watched along, jaws dropped at the money they both were bidding for the item, they well surpassed 10,000 gold. It was only at a whopping 12,500 gold when Soda relented and let xQc win the bid. 

As a point of reference for how absurd this amount is in WoW, most players would usually earn around 50 to 100 gold an hour in WoW Classic. But if the gold is bought from third-party websites, the amount the pair was willing to bid equates to $1000 or more. 

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Despite losing the bid, it didn’t end all that badly for Soda as xQc decided to give him the Warblades at the end of the day. 

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