WoW: Season of Discovery Phase 3 gets huge quality-of-life feature

James Lynch
A Gnome in Season of Discovery

The experimental nature of World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery has led fans to call for a wide variety of features and content additions. Now, arguably the most requested of all is coming to the game when Phase Three launches on April 4 – Dual Talent Specialization.

In the original WoW timeline of releases, Dual Talent Spec was introduced in Wrath of the Lich King. Essentially, it gives players the ability to switch between two sets of talents, action bars and builds more generally.

The importance of being able to do this in Wrath is difficult to overstate, but Vanilla WoW is a far simpler beast. Not so in Season of Discovery, which has added considerable new abilities, powers, and everything in between, including some taken directly from Wrath itself.

This made Dual Talent Spec a seemingly logical next step, but the development team remained tight-lipped on its potential inclusion. Now it seems as though that dearth of confirmation was merely to launch it at the appropriate time and Phase 3 is clearly seen as that window.

The feature unlocks at Level 40, but there are some steps players need to complete. The first is to seek out Dwarf Grendag Brightbeard, known as the Dwarf of Many Talents. The main obstacle then is the cost, which is a relatively affordable 50 gold.

With Runes already being remarkably easy to swap, the addition of Dual Talent Spec should make switching between full builds in Season of Discovery easier than ever before. The third phase of the game is set to launch on April 4.