WoW Season of Discovery DPS stats reveal one spec is dominating Gnomeregan raid

James Lynch
One of the raid arenas in Gnomeregan in Season of Discovery

Phase Two of World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery is finally starting to settle down, and players are getting a better idea of the overall DPS landscape. Now, new stats have confirmed that one spec is dominating the competition.

The experimental nature of Season of Discovery has seen different classes and specs rise up and down the ranks. Subsequent buffs and nerfs only serve to further complicate the issue, and ascertaining who is performing the best at any one time can be difficult.

One of the best ways to do so is to see how classes are doing in the game’s hardest PvE content. In Season of Discovery, this is the Gnomeregan raid, and between the bosses and trash, we can get a fairly good idea of which classes and specs are the most effective.

With all of that said, one Hunter spec is leaving its competition in the dust.

Melee Hunter is proving to be very effective in Season of Discovery Gnomeregan

In a post on the very helpful Warcraft Logs, details on DPS output in the Gnomeregan raid in Season of Discovery were made public.

The meters detailing damage output in the Season of Discovery Gnomeregan raid

There is a major caveat to note before we discuss the chart above. The best players in the game will play the strongest specs. This only serves to further the DPS gap between those specs and others towards the bottom. While the order will be largely correct, the gaps may not be as severe as illustrated here.

With that in mind, it’s clear that Melee Hunter is in a hugely strong position. Interestingly, it hasn’t attracted much attention and calls for nerfs remain quiet. This is particularly true when remembering how desperate non-Hunter players were for ranged nerfs in Phase One.

DPS Warlock, Fire Mage and DPS Priest are all in a great spot as well, with the latter rising to the top after an underwhelming first phase.

Feral Druids have recently called for further buffs, though most of these relate to bear form. In any case, though there are some notable gaps, the balance between classes seems reasonable. With some time to go before the next phase, the developer will continue to move the needle when appropriate.

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