Sorry WoW PvP players – Season of Discovery Phase 3 won’t have a new event for you

James Lynch
A troll stands in STV during The Blood Moon PvP event in Season of Discovery

The developers behind World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery released some important pieces of information about the upcoming third phase of the game, and some PvP players will be disappointed.

The key takeaway is that Season of Discovery Phase Three will not feature a new PvP activity. Both of the first two phases featured exciting new activities for players to take part in. The first was the Battle for Ashenvale in Phase One, followed by STV’s Blood Moon event in Phase Two.

The latter is set to retain center stage heading into the next phase of the game, with some significant updates. The first is a new currency known as Massacre Coins, being introduced at the same time as the retiring of Bloodstained Commendations. Players will have two weeks to spend the latter before they are removed.

There are a ton of new Level 50 rewards and gear being added, including new 6-piece PvP class sets, for a total of 54 items and 16 accessories to earn. These are geared entirely towards PvP survivability and damage, rather than striking a balance between that and PvE.

The introduction of the new Emerald Wardens faction will also allow players to earn a PvP “starter” set, which should make transitioning into that game mode much easier. Ranks are also increasing to 7, allowing players more to work towards.

Though some will be disappointed by the decision not to implement a new activity, building on the Blood Moon makes sense. The mode has proved popular, and additional depth can only be a good thing heading into the release of Phase Three.