What is Season of Discovery? World of Warcraft Classic+ explained

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Old-school World of Warcraft players finally got the news they were waiting for as Blizzard announced the arrival of Classic+ at Blizzcon, entitled Season of Discovery.

When it was first announced, players were unsure what to make of Season of Discovery. Now that it’s finally here, the community seems to like much of what Blizzard has tried to do in their latest seasonal efforts. Though there are some complaints, it’s undeniably a hugely refreshing foray into Azeroth.

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Though the traditional experience remains initially, after the first level players receive their first quest to retrieve a Rune. These Runes add significant power and new abilities to each class that entirely transform how they play. Here is Dexerto’s full guide on World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery.

Season of Discovery introduces new concepts to the original game

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Leveling and zones in Season of Discovery

The most obvious change between Classic and Season of Discovery is the new level cap, now initially set at 25. This doesn’t make for a Classic+ experience in and of itself. Still, the developers have added further experiences to existing zones and altered existing content to provide surprises wherever players turn.

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The level cap is set to increase in content phases of around a few months. The game is currently still in its first phase, with the second phase set to be activated at some point between the end of January and March. In theory, this will also see the level cap increase to a new high of 40. The usual dungeons remain, but the big news is an altered Blackfathom Deeps, which is currently serving as a 10-man raid at Level 25.

The other big new feature in Season of Discovery is the PvP experience in Ashenvale. PvP kills in the zone now trigger a region-wide event in which both the Alliance and Horde will spawn an NPC leader. These leaders must be protected by their factions; other camps will spawn on the map, and the first side to down the enemy leader will be rewarded with unique, powerful gear and loot.

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Discoveries and Rune Engraving in Season of Discovery

Starting from the beginning, the game is identical at Level 1, with the opening zone experience looking much the same. At level 2, however, players receive their first instructions to find a Rune. Known as Discoveries, these are the crux of the experience, with each Discovery different from the last.

Specifically, players are either sent on unique quests to unlock these Runes or they are simply able to be found in the open world. Though these are wildly varied, some quests ask players to earn rep before purchasing the Rune, while others require killing and looting a rare spawn. Another is a drop chance from normal mobs, and some are just hidden in secret caves or underwater. The rune reward at the end has a specific class ability tied to it. Critically, any class can use any class ability they discover, transforming the existing class system and allowing many to take on previously impossible roles (in theory).

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Initially, three slots for Rune-engraved gear are unlocked at the new level cap, with chest, legs, and hands as the initial offering during the first phase. This also works separately from the normal talent tree.

When does Season of Discovery release?

World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery is finally out in the wild after a worldwide simultaneous launch on November 30. Login queues were significant but they were also managed far more efficiently than the situation players were faced with when the original Classic launched in 2019.

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With so many different versions of Azeroth now available for players to enjoy, it’s arguably never been a better time to be a part of the community.

Cataclysm Classic is also on the way to join the other three eras and Hardcore servers are as healthy as ever. If Blizzard can elevate the retail version of the game to the same level, then they could enter a new era of success.

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