WoW: Season of Discovery Phase 3 will be the perfect time to raid as drop rate increases

James Lynch
Enemies lie in wait in Gnomeregan raid in Season of Discovery

The developers behind World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery dropped a huge update on the third phase of the game yesterday. Amongst a litany of headlines, the new raid will have a significantly higher drop rate for class-appropriate loot items.

Each phase of Season of Discovery has brought with it a raid adaptation of a beloved dungeon. In Phase One, this was Blackfathom Deeps before intrepid players conquered the vast halls of Gnomeregan in Phase Two.

During the big video reveal on March 25, the next location was confirmed as the Sunken Temple, or, to give it its proper name, the Temple of Atal’Hakkar. In an additional departure from the previous format, it is setup to provide a challenge for 20 players, rather than the previous 10.

The changes didn’t stop there. The lockout has been increased to a full week but that is not as negative as it may first appear. To mitigate its effects, the drop rate for class-appropriate loot is going to be considerably higher, with the development team describing themselves as “very generous” in this case.

There is a strong argument that this new system is actually more appropriate for Season of Discovery. The game has always aimed to provide something for everyone, from the most hardcore player to the most casual. The emphasis on alts also makes this system feel uniquely appropriate.

The new phase of Season of Discovery is set to go live on April 4.