WoW: Season of Discovery leveling buff is coming early and it’s bigger than expected

James Lynch
Ghamoo-Ra in Season of Discovery

The phased leveling experience in World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery is one of its defining features. It’s also going to get quicker and easier, with a new and fairly sizeable buff on the horizon.

In Phase One of Season of Discovery, players were able to progress through to Level 25. The game has since moved into Phase Two and raised the level cap up to 40, with appropriate activities and events to fill out this new “endgame.”

Towards the end of the first phase, players were able to take advantage of an experience buff of 50%. This made the journey to 25 a lot quicker and allowed alts to catch up. Though it was safe to say that a similar system would arrive in phase two, it was always likely to be in its final throes.

Now, the development team behind the game has confirmed that not only is the next buff on the way soon, but it’s quite a bit bigger than first thought.

Season of Discovery 100% experience buff is coming March 5

In a blue post on the official Season of Discovery forums, the developer confirmed that the Discoverer’s Delight XP buff is on the way back. Rather than deploying at the end of the phase, it will instead arrive following maintenance next week, on March 5.

The big change is that this buff will provide a 100% increase to XP gains. The developer confirmed that this was always the intention as the game progressed, thanks to the significantly increased experience required between each level.

It has always been the intention of the development team to encourage alt creation in Season of Discovery and this is just another way of doing that. The news will come as a delight (excuse the awful pun) to the game’s player base. Whether it be to level alts from 25 or start entirely new characters, it should be a relative breeze from next week.