WoW scammers have started asking players about their car warranty, true story

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Forgotten to renew your car warranty during the chaos of World of Warcraft? No problem, some helpful scammers have taken to WoW’s Azeroth to help you out.

One look at the map in World of Warcraft is enough to baffle anyone; and that’s before you zoom out and see WoW’s numerous continents and planes.

It’s about to get even bigger too with the upcoming content patch, The Chains of Domination. Adding more nooks and crannies to explore, the WoW universe is continually expanding.

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It turns out, though, that even amid the majesty and the chaos of Azeroth, scammers have taken to the game chat to try and work some dark magic.

Ever had a random call from somebody asking if you have been in an accident, or about claiming that PPI payment you never cared about? Well, those people have made it to World of Warcraft.

Attempted scam in WoW goes viral

WoW cosmic map ShadowlandsBlizzard Entertainment
It doesn’t matter how big WoW’s universe is, these scammers will find you.

While you can be immune to many things in WoW, it turns out that we’ll never be immune to people trying to steal our money.

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A recent Reddit thread shows that scammers have found an elaborate way to find more victims. Writing: “You will never escape robocalls. Not even in WoW,” the post has already garnered 2.4k upvotes, and it’s rising faster than the Forsaken during the Battle for Azeroth.

The image shows a user called ‘Carwarranty’ posting in the in-game chat that: “Thank God I have found you! Did you turn your game off? We’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty.”

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Is this simply an agent of the Horde trying to trick the Alliance into spending all of their gold, in turn leaving them low on resources?

Or is it an even more sinister plan by Sylvanas and the Jailer to lure you into the horrors of the Maw and corrupt you as they have Anduin?

All jokes aside, it’s insane to see the lengths that scammers will go to in an attempt to turn a buck (or some gold, in this case). Always be diligent or, even better, challenge this user to a PvP battle and let the chaos ensue. The community will be thanking you for it.

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