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WoW player’s dad miraculously saved from banhammer by Warcraft community

Published: 21/Jan/2022 13:27

by Lauren Bergin


Blizzard banned one World of Warcraft player’s father for six months, but following complaints from the WoW community the penalty has been overturned.

Following Microsoft acquiring Activision Blizzard in a buyout that shocked the world, many have been wondering what the future looks like for the company’s iconic MMORPG, World of Warcraft.

With all eyes on the next expansion, supposedly set in the mysterious Dragon Isles, one OG player has been grinding his way through the game on a whole host of different characters to immerse himself in Azeroth’s fantastical world.

Sadly, Blizzard have mistaken him for a bot account, and subsequently whacked his account with the banhammer and a six-month penalty for no apparent reason. However, the power of the WoW community has freed this hero from his chains in a story that will leave you feeling all fuzzy inside.


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Following in The Jailer’s footsteps, this unfortunate soul has freed himself from the banhammer’s shackles.

WoW player’s dad ban reversed

In a post entitled “my dad was banned for being a ‘bot’… he isn’t a bot, he’s just old,” one WoW fan explains the situation. “My dad was recently banned for being a ‘bot,'” they write. “He reached out to Blizzard support and GMs as well and was basically told that there was nothing they could do to help. My brother also reached out and was told the same thing.

“He’s been playing WoW since the original launch of BC. He’s a 70-year-old guy who loves to quest around and level new characters. He also doesn’t talk in chat much at all. To the outside perspective… yeah, he seems like a bot.’


Continuing that “He’s been banned for six months for basically playing the game a way that Blizzard assumes bots do,” they lament “it was something that he really loved doing, especially now as he retired from work. Blizzard has been absolutely zero help in dealing with this. He is beyond upset with Blizzard and the game at this point as well.”

My dad was banned for being a ‘bot’… he isn’t a bot, he’s just old. from wow

Thankfully, one Blizzard support rep heard his cries for help. After reopening the ticket and having the Game Masters check it once more, his dad got his account back.

“Thank you to everyone who helped my dad get his account back!” reads a second post. “I called him on my way home and he said ‘Oh, I’m ecstatic!’ which is a big deal for him. He’s super happy now and he’s already back on. Today, Reddit made some 70-year-old dad happy.”


After every hurricane comes a rainbow, and in the world of Azeroth it seems like nothing is impossible. As this player’s dad continues to level all of his different hunter accounts, we can’t wait to see where his travels take him next.