WoW: Season of Discovery changes bring significant Sunken Temple nerfs

James Lynch
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World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery has now entered its third phase, and there are a lot of changes from earlier portions of the game. As such, there are a few areas that need attention from the developers and the first round of updates has now rolled out as a result.

The Sunken Temple is serving as the centerpiece location for raiding in Phase 3. Unfortunately for some, it has proved to be immensely difficult for many to conquer. Though it has now been defeated in its entirety, many feel it was overturned by the developer.

As such, this initial batch of updates addresses both boss and trash health pools in The Sunken Temple, as well as more general changes to Season of Discovery as a whole.

Season of Discovery Phase 3 full hotfix list

The full list of changes implemented thus far, are as follows:

  • Fixed issues around the Leatherworking Wild Leather Vest and Way of the Weaponsmith
  • The Rugged Traveler will now also despawn if greater than two players enter the quest area.
  • Level 50 players who are Exalted with the Arathi Basin reputations can now complete the battleground quests usually reserved for level 60 allowing them to obtain their Exalted reputation tabards.
  • The Sunken Temple
    • Significant adjustments were made to trash and boss health. Please note: In order for these health adjustments to take effect you will need to soft reset your instance. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
      • Developer’s note: When developing and tuning the Sunken Temple raid encounters, we had concerns about player power going into Phase 3 so we aimed high when tuning enemy health. We feel that we aimed too high and have recently deployed a hotfix that lowers the health of all enemies and bosses within the Sunken Temple to help ensure this content remains accessible to all players. We’ll be watching progress closely and making additional adjustments as needed in the coming days.
    • Fixed an issue that would occasionally prevent Dreamscythe and Weaver from spawning. Affected players may need to leave the instance and Reset All Instances before it takes effect.
  • Nightmare Incursions
    • Nightmare Incursion Quartermasters can now repair gear.
    • Quest objects in the Nightmare Incursions no longer require a cast time to open.
    • Drakes’ Corrosive Acid Breath now deals more reasonable damage when coming to the aid of Nightmare Incursion dragons.
    • Satyrs’ Plagued Shot damage has been reduced and the cast time has been increased.
    • Plagued Shot now has a minimum range like hunter ranged abilities.
    • The total gold rewards for Nightmare Incursions elite missions have been reduced by roughly 30%.
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