WoW VP knew some players “were not going to love” Plunderstorm, but experimental decisions are not going anywhere

James Lynch
The Key Art from WoW Plunderstorm

For anyone who has been following World of Warcraft in recent times, a lot has been going on. A big part of that has been experimental versions of the game like Plunderstorm and it looks like those are not going away any time soon.

In a recent conversation with Dexerto, Vice President of World of Warcraft Holly Longdale confirmed that not only are modes like Plunderstorm proving successful, but they are informing the development of Modern WoW generally and the release of upcoming The War Within expansion.

“We’ve invested more in the live game and in doing Plunderstorm and eight-week patches and then looking forward to the Mists of Pandaria Remix. It’s really a time of reinvention for us as a game.

“The live team essentially is the heartbeat of the world as the expansion teams develop. They had my full backing when we created that team to go experiment, go figure out what novelty means in World of Warcraft.

“As we do this, we set goals for ourselves and Plunderstorm, and we’re really excited to see that it outperformed our expectations. We knew when we announced something like a PvPvE BR that some people certainly were not going to love it, but a lot of people certainly do.

“We’ll see how we go from here. It’s really a process of experimentation and learning and that will help us in the future. It’s all deliberate. And we hope that it’s going to support us and help define our future success.”

With Plunderstorm set to disappear forever in just a couple of weeks, the next big experiment is the release of the Mists of Pandaria remix in Patch 10.2.7. For those who have yet to try the pirate-themed Battle Royale, there are double rewards until the mode disappears on April 30.

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