WoW players claim one Season of Discovery class is “stuck in Vanilla”

James Lynch
Garrosh Hellscream, the Warrior, sits on his throne

The best thing about Season of Discovery is that it has allowed the developer to take classes in a new direction, all within the Vanilla World of Warcraft formula. Unfortunately, some feel as though the Warrior class has been left out of the proverbial party.

For those who don’t know, the Rune Engraving system changed a lot about the way players build classes in Classic WoW. Essentially, it allows players to imbue their armor pieces with Runes, which in turn provide new powers and abilities to conquer the denizens of Azeroth.

This has led to some classes becoming inordinately more powerful than they are in the base game. Furthermore, it has made the job of balancing considerably difficult and some classes have risen far beyond their immediate peers.

Now, players are claiming that one class is firmly stuck in the Vanilla version of the game when compared to the other classes on offer.

Warrior players are unhappy with the class in Season of Discovery

In a post on Reddit, one Season of Discovery shared their belief that Warriors are stuck as the Vanilla version of their class.

The initial claim is particularly interesting because it comes from someone who isn’t a Warrior main. Instead, the theory comes from the perspective of a person who has leveled multiple alts of different classes.

Many were quick to agree with the OP. One said: “Nice to see a perspective from somebody who doesn’t main warrior. Usually, these posts are met by people who haven’t touched the class in SOD and just say, ‘Well, you’ve been top in classic forever so deal with it.'”

Another added: “I’ve been maining Warrior in SoD and phase 2 just feels like complete trash in both BGs and STV. PvE is okay, not the greatest, but we don’t have to be. PvP is just garbage as a warrior. It actually makes me just not want to play the game except for raid logging on my warrior.”

With two more phases still to come, Warrior players can hold on to the hope that they will introduce new and exciting abilities for the class. Season of Discovery continues to prove very popular, so it would be a shame if one portion of the player base felt left behind.

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