WoW players plead with dev to buff spec in Season of Discovery

James Lynch
Tyrande Whisperwind the Druid in Season of Discovery

There are so many changes in Season of Discovery that it offers a very different landscape from Classic World of Warcraft. As a result, classes and specs move up and down the ladder, but players are particularly concerned about one spec.

The Rune Engraving system is the main reason for this in Blizzard’s latest seasonal experience. This allows players to discover Runes in the open world and engrave them onto armor pieces. In turn, this provides new abilities and powers for their adventures in Azeroth.

This change has been so extensive that some classes are now able to operate in entirely new roles. Unfortunately, players of some specs feel as though their choices have been underdeveloped by the Classic WoW team.

Now, those players are drawing attention to one spec in particular, in a bid to get the developer to institute some buffs.

Feral Druid Bear Form is falling behind the competition

In a post on Reddit, one user shared a compelling case for why Bear Form needs some care and attention.

The post appeals to Season of Discovery Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield directly, via his Twitter/X handle. Greenfield has been particularly communicative about the developer’s intentions since the launch of Season of Discovery.

Many were quick to agree. One said: “Bear druids need a lot of help and tank rogues need some help. Neither are panning out to be very well thought out.”

Another added: “Berserk doing literally nothing in raid because you take lacerate is baffling. I have one less rune than everyone else.”

Additionally, others suggested relatively simple solutions to the issue. One said: “All bear needs is swipe AP scaling and lacerate moved to legs. The buff tooltip for Berserk also says reduced rage costs which sadly isn’t actually a thing but would be nice.”

Whatever the case Blizzard is continuing to balance the game throughout Phase Two of Season of Discovery. Whether Bear Form gets the attention it needs remains to be seen.

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