WoW players say one role is simply not “cool” in Season of Discovery

James Lynch
A Dwarf rides a Gryphon in Season of Discovery

Deciding whether to play Tank, Healer or DPS is one of the biggest decisions in a World of Warcraft player’s life. Unfortunately, Season of Discovery players feel as though one of those roles is not worth playing.

With the way WoW dungeons and raids work, players fill one of the above roles. The majority play DPS, with Healer and Tank considered more specialist in the game’s wider landscape. This makes them generally more difficult but potentially more rewarding.

Equally, it is often easier to find a place in an instance as one of those two, thanks to the dearth of players in those roles. In Season of Discovery, more classes are able to occupy those areas effectively, but not all are created equal.

Now, some disgruntled players believe that the game does not offer enough enjoyment for those who wish to play Tank.

Players think Tanks need improvements in Season of Discovery

In a post on Reddit, one player shared their belief that Tank classes don’t have “cool” abilities in Season of Discovery. As a Rogue Tank, their experience has been an overreliance on abilities like Mutilate, to maintain threat.

Many players were quick to agree. One said: “Great point. I never even thought of it like this. Why didn’t tanks get cool shit? A lot of classes (rip warriors) got cool new toys, yet tanks, as well as non-priest healers, were left to go f**k off in the corner.”

Another added a potential solution, saying: “I may get hate for this, but I think they should have gone full wrath mode. Add Rend spreading to the rune, along with Rend threat and damage bonus. A PvE warrior has no reason to even have Rend on their bar right now.”

Despite that, others were keen to laud the abilities of their own class. One said: “Warlock is doing great. If we get the datamined Immolation Aura I will be very happy.”

Although some are not happy, there is plenty of time for Blizzard to change the landscape. With two further leveling phases to go, Tanks could yet see a rise to greater enjoyment.

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