WoW players cry out for major spec change in Season of Discovery

James Lynch
Season of Discovery players Dual spec/class combo

The arrival of World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery brought with it a lot of alterations to the Vanilla formula, but players of the game would like to see Blizzard go further as the game enters its next phase.

One of the most significant areas of change in Season of Discovery is in the class system. The newly added Rune Engraving system has provided players with the opportunity to experiment, offering new powers and abilities to every class in the game.

These changes are so significant that it has enabled some of those classes to operate in entirely new roles. With Mage Healers and Warlock Tanks now very much part of the meta, players have been speculating on how they would like these systems to be further altered moving forward.

Now, in a post on social media, many players are calling for one major change the Retail version of the game didn’t see until two expansions later.

Dual Spec could be right at home in Season of Discovery

In a thread on Reddit, one player shared their desire to see Dual Spec added into Season of Discovery in the next phase.

The Wrath of the Lich King saw the arrival of Dual Spec into the mainline World of Warcraft game. Though the name is fairly self-explanatory, it essentially means that classes can switch between two specs relatively easily and without cost.

Replies to the thread were almost universally positive, with many joining the call for Blizzard to add Dual Spec to Season of Discovery. One said: “I agree. This is the only change I want. I play a Feral Druid, and the raid spec is not even remotely close to what you want to run in the open world lol.”

Another added: “I think it’s more [beneficial] changing your spec on the fly (whether in a rested area or not), and not having to re-arrange your bars/keybinds every time you pay to respec.”

Others wanted to take it even further, with one saying: “No, not dual spec. Think bigger. Multi-spec, where we can pay for as many tabs as we want. Hybrid classes such as druids have a PvE/PvP spec for several different forms. Dual Spec isn’t enough.”

Whatever Blizzard decides to do with classes and specs in these later stages, Season of Discovery players seem extremely receptive to further experimentation with the Classic formula. With the developer previously intimating that Dual Spec could be a reality in the future, those players may not have too long to wait to give it a go.