WoW players sick of “disgusting” PvP class in Season of Discovery

James Lynch
A Shaman stands ready in Season of Discovery

The PvP landscape in World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery is a tricky beast for the developer to manage. As a result, some players believe that one class has ascended too far above its peers.

For those who are yet to play, Season of Discovery changed the Classic WoW class system significantly. This is due to the introduction of Rune Engraving, which allows players to imbue their armor pieces with new abilities and powers.

As a result, this has turned some classes into absolute beasts and presented a significant balancing problem to the developer. Though it has been very cyclical thus far, the current state of PvP has led to complaints from those who feel their class has been let down, relatively.

Now, many are calling on Blizzard to temper the Shaman class, which they feel has become too powerful.

Shamans are destroying in Season of Discovery PvP

In a post on Reddit, one user shared the combat log from their recent encounter with a Shaman in Season of Discovery. In it, they were obliterated by a combo of abilities while only dealing a pitiful 6 damage in return.

Many were quick to chime in with agreement, including those who play the class. One said: “As an Enhance Shaman I’m really soaking in how much of a juggernaut we currently are before our inevitable nerf because what I can do in PvP is disgusting.”

Another added: “Shamans are disgusting in PvP. Even in Bear form after swapping from Cat and getting the jump I am promptly killed within seconds. I am aware PvP isn’t balanced, but Shamans are straight broken.”

A third said: “Shamans broken. Earth shock hitting me for 780, lava burst hitting me for 1200 (and sometimes double lava bursting me). Anytime there are more than 2 shamans in an AB I know we’ve lost.”

Though the above is undoubtedly anecdotal, there’s a lot of evidence to suggest they are right. Shamans are outputting huge damage, and nerfs in the near future are likely. The team behind Season of Discovery has been very proactive in their approach, so it’s a safe bet that they won’t leave this unaddressed for long.

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