WoW players reveal Season of Discovery class that switched them from their main

James Lynch
A caster in WoW Season of Discovery fights bots

One of the best things about World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery is how it managed to change so much about the Vanilla formula, while still retaining so much of its original essence.

As arguably the most significant alteration among many, the Rune Engraving system flipped the class system on its head. It gives players access to new powers and abilities, some of which are so drastic that it allows them to operate in previously impossible roles.

The biggest knock-on effect of this implementation is that much of the game’s community has been experimenting with new classes. Though some are more popular than others, all of them have played a significant part in the first phase of the game.

Now, in a post on social media, players have been detailing the Season of Discovery class that made them switch from their usual favorite in Classic WoW.

Many players have been changing class in Season of Discovery

In a post on Reddit, one user asked the wider community which Season of Discovery class they had been playing as an alternative to their main in other flavors of the game.

The responses were extremely varied, with players seemingly very willing to try new things in the seasonal WoW game mode. Many were motivated by a willingness to try out a new role, whether it be Tank or Healer.

One user flagged the new Shaman Tank as their main source of enjoyment, saying: “Tank Shaman is super fun. I always thought I would respec to Elemental sham for p2, but I will almost certainly stick it out as tank spec to 40.”

Another pointed to the new ways to play Mage as their main source of inspiration, saying: “I’m a tank at heart, but mage healing has been a real mindbender. Figuring out an entirely new meta has been a blast.”

Others were a little more set in their ways, though much of this may have been motivated by how well their main choice continued to do in Season of Discovery. One simply said: “Warrior took me away from Warrior”.

Whatever the case may be for individuals, the variety of responses will be encouraging to Blizzard. The stated and titular goal of discovery applies to so much of the game they’re offering, so trying a new class seems like a logical next step.

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