WoW players defend inviting “awful” spec to dungeons in Season of Discovery

James Lynch
Valeera Sanguinar Rogue in Season of Discovery

The drastic changes that World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery brought to the Classic WoW formula had several major effects. One of those was the fundamentals behind each class but not everyone feels as though it’s a level playing field.

The Rune Engraving system allows classes to imbue their armor with new powers and abilities. In turn, this has led to some of those classes being able to operate in previously impossible roles. Warlocks, Shamans and Rogues can all tank, while Mage can serve as an effective healer.

That said, many of those classes suffer in those roles when compared to their immediate peers, mostly due to a dearth of specific supporting abilities. As the game enters its later phases, the gap is growing smaller.

Now, at least one player believes that there is no reason to bring Rogue Tanks into difficult instanced content.

Rogue Tanks struggle to maintain aggro in Season of Discovery

In a post on Reddit, one player shared a post in which they detailed their belief that there is no reason to bring a Rogue Tank to a dungeon or raid.

In fairness, there is fairly solid evidence to support the point they are making. The Rogue Tank Rune is useless against spell damage, which is particularly difficult against the last boss in Gnomeregan, which largely deals spell damage. Additionally, the class has no buffs or debuffs to bring to the party.

Despite that, not everyone had difficult experiences with Rogue Tanks to share. Many were keen to share success stories from the last two phases of the game, including successful runs through Blackfathom Deeps and Gnomeregan.

One said: “Ran Library today as a full BiS destro lock. Pumping with MC Drain Life and Incinerate buffed Hellfire going HAM. Rarely was I pulling off of him. Compared to Warriors when I just run meta because I will always be tanking.”

Another added: “I did 4x SM Lib runs back-to-back with a rogue tank on my priest and I did not have to drink once. I actually put Mind Sear and Mind Spike on because he was taking so little damage. I was able to just DPS and use PW:S and Flash Heal.”

In any case, there does seem to be mixed opinions on the prowess of Rogue Tanks. They do seem to be a prime candidate for buffs, particularly in the case of AoE ability Shuriken Toss.

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