WoW director gives Asmongold perfect answer about biggest mystery in the game’s lore

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Twitch star Asmongold interviewed World of Warcraft’s Game Director Ion Hazzikostas when the streamer asked him about the sword that Sargeras stabbed Azeroth with, which has seemingly been forgotten about since the Legion expansion years ago, including by the game director himself.

Asmongold has been teasing for years that he’s wanted to interview WoW’s Game Director Ion Hazzikostas live on stream.

After quite some time waiting in the wings, Ion hopped onto Asmongold’s Twitch stream to answer questions about the upcoming expansion Dragonflight, as well as a load of other gameplay and lore inquiries.

One of the questions about lore, specifically, caught many viewers’ attention.

Hazzikostas has been at the helm of WoW for years.

Asmongold interviews WoW Game Director

Although Asmon had plenty of solid questions about the future of WoW, he couldn’t let Ion go without asking about something that’s become a meme in his Twitch chat.

During the ending of the Legion expansion, Sargeras stabbed Azeroth with a planet-sized sword, a seemingly monumental event in the Warcraft storyline. However, nearly three expansions later, and Blizzard has barely recognized this event.

Asmongold asked Ion, “In Legion, there’s a cinematic where Sargeras, as you know, stabbed the Earth with a sword and it’s been there for quite a while. And I’m not really sure where things are going with that?”

Ion responded, “Wait, what? What sword?”

Ion played along with the joke that Blizzard has chosen to pretend Sargeras never stabbed Azeroth, and Asmon’s Twitch chat absolutely loved it.

The streamer appreciated the response as well, “Ah, alright, I see. That’s pretty much exactly what I would expect.”

Asmongold also asked about how account-wide progression will be handled in Dragonflight, which Ion assured is one of the main focuses of the next expansion so players time is respected.

Although we won’t have Dragonflight for quite some time, Asmongold is already building hype for WoW’s next expansion.

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