Asmongold left speechless in worst way after WoW Aberrus raid finale cinematic

Asmongold on StreamTwitch: zackrawrr

Popular World of Warcraft and MMO streamer Asmongold was left absolutely dumbfounded in the worst way possible after watching the finale cutscene to the recently released WoW Aberrus raid.

World of Warcraft’s most recent Patch 10.1 brought about a load of new content for WoW players to get through. With the new Zaralek Cavern zone introduced into the game, players were able to further explore the map. Alongside the new Cavern, Patch 10.1 also gave players an exciting new raid, Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible.

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Players were finally able to experience the raid in its entirety over the past few days, with raiders able to take down Scalecommander Sarkareth as the final boss. One such raider was legendary streamer Asmongold, who ran through the raid earlier on his stream.

Upon completing the nine-encounter raid, however, Asmongold was left speechless with the reward he was granted at the end of it all.

After taking down Sarkareth, Asmongold spoke to Wrathion to view the finale cutscene for Aberrus. Whilst getting ready to view it, Asmon’s friend Mcconnell was warning about how “bad” the cinematic was. The screen darkened and Asmon readied himself for the conclusion of the raid.

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The cinematic opens with Scalecommander Sarkareth kneeling on the ground, at the brink of death. He delivers a short monologue with his final breath.

“I was… your loyal soldier, father. Did I not… uphold your legacy? Was it all just… an illusion? Empty… promises… leading us only… to oblivion.”

With his final words spoken, Sarkareth collapses to the ground, ending the tale of Aberrus as we know it.

Asmon’s response to the short and uneventful cutscene was one of pure disbelief. The streamer sat there, absolutely motionless staring at his screen.

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Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Raid in WoWBlizzard
The secrets of Aberrus are seemingly yet to be discovered based on the lack of information given in the cutscene.

He eventually broke his silence by jokingly asking “So we talk to Wrathion for the real cinematic right?… he’s gotta have the righ cinematic, right? Maybe the rest of the cinematic is on Mythic.”

Unfortunately for Asmon, Mcconnell confirmed that there was no Mythic bonus cinematic, and that was indeed the final reward for the raid.

“Oh my god… bro I’m just like what the f***… like is it on the store, do you have to buy the cinematic on the store? Like dude… I don’t even know what to say.”

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Whilst it seems like this is the end for Aberrus as we know it, who can tell if Blizzard may have plans for the raid and its story sometime in the near future.