Shroud explains why he plays WoW over New World even though it “sucks”

Michael Gwilliam
shroud plays WoW over New World

Twitch streaming icon Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has been very vocal in regards to both New World and World of Warcraft in the past, but there’s a reason he streams one over the other.

Despite being one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, shroud still games in his off-hours, notably World of Warcraft. On stream, however, is a completely different story.

The former CSGO pro turned variety streamer was playing some New World in November, when he was asked about his time playing WoW and how it compares to Amazon’s MMORPG.

Not wasting a moment, Grzesiek ripped on Blizzard’s game, which he said ‘sucked’ quite bad.

Shroud has been playing a lot of New World on stream.

Shroud says WoW “sucks”

“You ever think about New World when you’re WoW raiding?” the Canadian was asked, prompting a swift, snarky reply.

“All the time,” he replied. “WoW f**king blows. Literally, I only play it for the people. The game f**king sucks.”

According to shroud, his guild would have some difficulty playing without him and even though they’d be able to clear, he wouldn’t want to go against his team in any capacity, saying he would feel like he “let them down.”

“You gotta see it through,” he said, reinforcing the fact he would stand by his squad despite really wanting to play and stream New World.

Now that’s what we call off-stream commitment to gaming.

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